10 Productive Things To Do In Less Than 10 Minutes

10 Productive Things To Do In Less Than 10 Minutes- sincerelykenz

It’s that time of year again where things get stressful… really stressful. For me, doing a ton of small productive things help me when I am feeling completely overwhelmed. There are so many instances throughout the day when I find myself having a gap of a small amount of time. Time like when I am waiting in line at the grocery store, have a 20-minute break between two classes, or am waiting to attend a meeting. These small gaps of time should not just be wasted. Ultimately, these gaps of time add up. Here are ten different things you can do to boost productivity during short periods of time throughout the day:

1. Organize Your Phone Or Computer:

As odd as this might sound, this is actually one of my FAVORITE things to do if I have a bit of free time on my hands. I love going through pictures/apps/documents on my computer and my phone and decluttering a bit. A lot of times, half the stuff I end up with on these two devices are just junk. It’s very refreshing to clean them out, and organize them.

2. Write Out A To Do List:

In my eyes, to do lists are the ultimate key to being productive. Writing out a neat and organized to do list doesn’t take much time at all, but can actually make you feel so much better about yourself after the fact. I love planning out my day hour by hour. This may seem a bit extreme but it keeps me on task throughout the whole day.

3. Clean:

Cleaning something can make any day feel a bit better. Even something quick like wiping down a countertop or organizing a drawer of clothes can go a long way!

4. Drink Coffee:

Coffee is like a giant cup of productivity in itself. If all else fails, grab a hot cup o’ joe and let it ignite your productivity juices. Fun fact: Starbucks Americanos are my new favorite, and I totally recommend them to anyone who is looking for a kick of energy!

5. Work Out:

Working out doesn’t always have to take up a big chunk out of your day. There are a ton of different workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home, that don’t even take long at all! I love heading to YouTube and finding quick workouts on there when I don’t have time to head to the gym.

6. Meal Prep:

Spend some time brainstorming meal ideas for the next couple of days. Make a list of the meals you would like to eat along with the ingredients you will need to prepare them. Pinterest is an awesome place to search for fun meal ideas!

7. Laundry:

Okay, so maybe laundry takes a little bit longer than 10 minutes, BUT the time it takes to put your clothes in the washer/dryer takes less than two minutes. I usually do laundry while I am at the gym, so that I can still do something productive while I am doing my laundry- kind of like killing two birds with one stone if you ask me!

8. Meditate:

I can’t say I have ever tried this myself, but I have heard from SO many people that meditating is amazing for you. There are a ton of different apps out there that “talk you through meditation”. I personally love the last few minutes in yoga classes, where you lay and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Meditating allows your body to come to peace, and definitely minimizes stress.

9. Power Nap:

I’ll admit it; I am a napper. I am a power nap advocate, and think that quick 10-15 minute naps are much more beneficial than elongated 1-2 hour naps. It is actually scientifically proven that power naps make you feel more energized and awake, than long naps.

10. Read:

Read whatever you can get your hands on. The news, blog posts, magazines, anything! It’s important to read as much as possible, and is actually very good for you. Spending 10-15 minutes of free time reading and gaining new knowledge is much more beneficial than spending 10-15 minutes scrolling through social media.


Think about it, these are only 10 ideas- I bet you can think of a TON more. There are so many little things to do every day during the small gaps of time that we usually waste away. You will be amazed at how much more you can get done when you start taking advantage of all of the time during the day. What do you do when you have some extra time to be productive? Let me know in the comments below!