10 THINGS I CAN’T BLOG WITHOUT- sincerelykenzThere are so many amazing tools and resources floating around the blogging world that can enable you to produce a blog post with a little bit more ease. Here are my top 10 resources that I absolutely can’t blog without:



WordPress is like the Holy Grail for me. It pretty much is the only way that my blog is alive in the first place, if that makes sense? This platform makes it extremely easy to publish posts, edit my theme, and all of the other jazz that comes along with blogging. I’m not the most technology-advanced person out there, so I am thankful that this platform is simple and easy to work with.

2. Email

Sometimes I wish texting didn’t exist, and that everything was just via email instead. Why? I don’t know, to be honest. My email account(s) is a must have when it comes to blogging because it is the major form of communication between my audience, sponsors, and I. I personally use Gmail because I found it was the easiest to understand.

3. Editorial Calendar

Thank God for this bad boy, it is so helpful! An editorial calendar is a calendar with every single one of the blog posts that you plan to publish on a monthly time span written down. I have mine set in (almost) stone with Post It notes. I stick with Post It notes just incase I need to switch anything around. Having an editorial calendar minimizes the trouble of having to think of blog post ideas last minute. I took some time a couple of days ago to really brain storm an editorial calendar with quality post ideas that I know my audience would enjoy reading.

4. Graphic Editing Tools

What would a blog be without graphics? I switch between Canva and PicMonkey to create graphics for my blog. I am, however, in the process of trying to get and learn Photoshop- so yay for that! Graphics are important because they are the first things most people will take note of when they visit your blog.

5. Notes

Whether it be the small notebook that I carry around with me or the notes app in my iPhone, I am always jotting down blog post ideas. For some reason, I always think of my best ideas at the strangest times. Having a list or notebook full of ideas allows you to easily access them at a later time.

6. DSLR Camera

Sometimes the quality of iPhone pictures just doesn’t cut it. I use my DSLR camera for most pictures that I use on my blog because it allows me to grasp all of the details in the picture and has extremely good quality at the same time. Although I’m not sure of the exact make (because I got it so long ago), I do have a Cannon Rebel if you wanted to know!

7. Social Media

I’ll admit, I am addicted to Instagram. But seriously, social media is great when it comes to blogging. Social media outlets such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to talk to your audience at no cost at all. My favorite social media outlets would probably have to be Instagram and Twitter, just because communicating with other people is so easy on these two platforms. Pinterest brings in most of the traffic that my blog receives though!

8. Blogger Networks

Blogger networks are awesome. Talking to other bloggers is so easy with these networks. Not to mention that most of the networks post blog post threads everyday, which enables you to promote your blog free of charge! I refer to the blogging networks that I am part of when I have quick questions about the blogging world; someone is literally always willing to help you in these networks.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the largest resources that allows me to monitor how my blog is doing. Tracking how many sessions, page views, and monthly views is extremely easy with this tool. By using the information that GA gives me, I am able to see how my blog is doing and how big or small my audience is becoming.

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a website that allows you to schedule social media posts. I absolutely love this because remembering to tweet about the same thing five times a day can get tedious! Hootsuite is free for users (there is a paid version available as well) and works great. One of the first things I do after I produce a blog post is promote and share it on Hootsuite.