10 Ways To End This Year On A High Note

10 Ways To End This Year On A High Note- sincerelykenz

Why wait to accomplish all that you want to until the New Year? Start making progress on these goals before the New Year begins. There is still time to turn this year around and end it on a high note. Begin your New Year’s resolutions now. Here are ten things that you can do to end this year on a high note- you’ll thank me later.


1. Forgive

Take some time to make amends with yourself. Believe it or not, everybody makes mistakes. You’re not the only one! Come to terms with whatever major mistakes you made this year. Holding on to your accumulated anger into the New Year won’t do much more than make you bitter. Understand your mistakes, and stop dwelling on them. Cope with your faults and teach yourself to prevent them from happening again in the future.

2. Get A Head Start On Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why wait until January to start accomplishing your resolutions? The longer you put your goals off, the longer you’ll be unhappy with them not getting done.

 3. Write Down Every Major Thing That You Accomplished This Year

Praise yourself for all of the amazing things that you have accomplished this year. Whether it be acing a test, or giving to charity, you deserve some recognition. Have a toast for your accomplishments and acknowledge your greatness. Be proud of yourself and let the whole world know about all of the good that you did this year.

 4. Take It All In

While thinking about the future and dreaming about your wants and aspirations can be exciting, it is also important to live in the “now” and be happy with what you have. Say yes to new opportunities and be willingly ready to take in all that is happening in the present. After all, these are the days that we’ll look back on and say those were the days.

 5. Treat Yourself

You have successfully (almost) gotten through another year of life. Life is crazy- congratulations that you made it this far! Make sure to splurge on a little something for yourself or take some time to pamper yourself because lets be honest, you deserve it.

 6. Perform A “Random Act Of Kindness”

Make somebody else’s day. Show love and make other people happy. You could make or break somebody’s day, or even somebody’s year.

 7. Text Every Single Contact In Your Phone, If You Don’t Want To Text Them- Delete Their Number

Think about your New Year’s resolutions from last year; was there anyone that you promised yourself you would catch up with? Text or call all of the people who you miss, or even just want to catch up with. Have a coffee date with your best friend from middle school. Also understand who is no longer in your life, and figure out the reasoning behind it. If the reason has some negativity attached to it, do something about it.

 8. Work On Self Love

Take care of your body and find reasons to love your flaws. Don’t obsess over the things you can’t change and don’t beat yourself up for the things about yourself that make you unhappy. Pamper yourself, treat yourself, and love yourself.

9. Express Gratitude

Let everyone you’re thankful for know that you’re thankful for them. Think about who stood beside you this year and thank them for all that they did for you. Let people know how much they mean to you and give them the thanks that they deserve.

10. Unclutter

Get rid of all the stuff that you no longer have use for. Unclutter and donate your belongings to those who are less fortunate. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that someone else is getting happiness from the things that you hadn’t touched in five years?



I hope you all have a great end to the year! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?