11 Things that become second nature when you’ve been with the same person forever

11 Things that become second nature when you’ve been with the same person forever

  1. Caring about what you look like isn’t really much of an issue for either of you anymore; your grease stained over sized sweatshirt and XXL sweatpants are now one of your nicer outfit choices when going out to dinner.


  1. Knowing what the other person is thinking in almost all situations has basically become second nature by now; just one look from across the room can show it all.


  1. Whether your pissed, cranky, tired, or sad- your significant other knows all of your moods and the solutions to them like the back of their hand. Kind of crazy how easily the person can distinguish whether its time to binge eat Taco Bell or time for a hug in a matter of seconds.


  1. He/she is the first (and only) person to receive a text when you fart in class.


  1. Memories have become so prominent that almost any place, thought, song, or object can some how connect to your partner in crime. Grass, fish, old man, umbrella, eggs- yep. Sounds about right.


  1. All of your future plans and goals start turning into “we” and “us” rather than “I” and “me.” Because if your other half can’t come, you’re not interested.


  1. Your ideal Friday night has turned into binge watching The Office on Netflix for hours on end and eating your body weight in Ben And Jerry’s ice cream.


  1. You’re perfectly comfortable with all of your partner’s flaws, and have learned to love each and every one of them; even their unspeakable green bean breath.


  1. Without even any form of identification of what it is, the two of you can both simultaneously remember the same exact hilarious thing that happened a year or so ago and burst out laughing.


  1. You stop asking to try food off the other one’s plate, its now just more of an expected part of going out to dinner.


  1. You both are undoubtedly aware that your each other’s true best friends, and you’re perfectly content with only hanging out with one and other on a Friday night. You both come to terms that the highs outweigh the lows. At the end of the day, you know you wouldn’t trade your seasoned love for anything.