15 Things You Didn’t Know Coffee Could Be Used For

15 things you didnt know coffee could be used for- sincerelykenz

It’s safe to say that anyone with functioning taste buds has a little spot in their heart for coffee. What most coffee drinkers don’t know is that there is a lot more to coffee than meets the eye. Coffee can be so much more than just a fulfillment to your caffeine addiction. Check out these fifteen alternatives for this magical drink:


1. Face Scrub/Exfoliators

A ton of face washes and exfoliators used to contain plastic beads, otherwise known as micro beads (helllllooooo I wrote a blog post on this!). These beads were actually killing marine life and harming the environment. Coffee is an awesome alternative to these beads. Companies like Frank Body and LUSH  use coffee scrubs in most of their exfoliating products. Think about it…. how could you say no to a baby soft face that smells like espresso?

2. Air Freshener

 Big companies like Macys actually use coffee grounds in their perfume departments to help cover up all of the different scents in the air. Coffee’s delicious scent is the perfect cover up for those three-week-old Chinese leftovers sitting in your fridge also.

3. Hair Mask

According to some beauty gurus, applying coffee grounds to your hair while it’s dry and clean will lead to a shinier, healthier, head of hair. Experts say that you should keep coffee in your hair for about 20 minutes, then rinse. Repeating this method for seven days will lead you to the best results.

4. Natural Dye

Coffee can be used as a natural dye. Dyeing your Easter eggs with coffee will give them a natural, earthy, tone.

5. Fertilize Plants

The plants in your garden will thank you for sprinkling your used coffee grounds around their roots. Azaleas, blueberry shrubs, and rhododendrons are just a few of the plants that flourish when surrounded by coffee. You can also dilute the leftover coffee in your mug and pour it right into your potted plants (as long as you don’t use cream and sugar, of course!)

6. Keep Your Patio Clean

Slugs, snails, and other gross bugs aren’t the biggest fans of the strong scent that coffee beans give off. Sprinkle some ground coffee beans onto your patio to keep these tiny friends away!

7.  Add A Little Style To Your Flower Vase

Using ground coffee beans rather than water  at the bottom of your flower vase can truly work wonders. Believe it or not, placing your flowers in ground coffee beans prolongs their life! Coffee beans also give off a cute, unique, look that is different than most other flower vases.

8. Unclog The Drain

Have a cereal filled sink drain? Coffee is your go-to fix for this!  Use some coffee grounds, soap, and boiling water and walllllllllah! Your drain will instantly unclog itself.

9. Unleash Your Creativity

Adding second-day coffee grounds to warm water calls for an earth-toned water color type of paint! Who wouldn’t want to smell marvelous coffee while painting something beautiful? An awesome thing about this is that coffee paint is not acidic like some of the other paints that are sold in stores.

10. Help Out The Bags Under Your Eyes

People love coffee because it gives them energy for the day and instantly wakes them up. Just like some coffee can wake up your body, it can apparently wake up the bags (mine are a designer) under your eyes as well! Simply rub some coffee grounds under your eyes and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes.

11. Clean Your Walkway

Coffee grounds can be used as a substitute for the salt that most road workers line the roads with when the weather isn’t too great. Coffee grounds can help keep roads and sidewalks from being slippery, and the acid helps melt ice quickly.

12. Clean Things Around The House

Like the exfoliator mentioned above, coffee can also be used to clean stubborn spots like your grill and kitchen tiles! The grainy textures of coffee grounds allow for a decrease in the build-up of dirt and grease. Mix together soapy water with your coffee grounds to get any space squeaky clean.

13. Hide scratches on furniture

If you have wooden furniture with scratches, coffee will be your best friend. You can hide those scratches with just a little bit of coffee. Grab a tablespoon of ground coffee and a small amount of hot water- combine and let it sit for a few minutes. After this, apply the coffee grounds to the scratches by using a paint brush or cotton swab.

14. Cooking

Feeling like a chef? Coffee can be used in a number of different dishes to add a smoky flavor. Coffee is actually the award-winning secret flavor to many different chili recipes! The spectrum of what you can cook with coffee is anywhere from pastries to steaks!

15. Compost

Coffee serves as a key ingredient for a lot of compost and fertilizers. Coffee creates bacteria and attracts worms, two things that go hand and hand together. Since coffee grounds contain a lot of calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen, you can add a small layer on your topsoil for a chemical-free fertilizer.