Life can get hectic. Balancing the many facets of life, such as relationships, social aspects, and your relationship with yourself can sometimes seem daunting, and overwhelming at times. It’s important to properly get away from the stress of these things from time to time.


Stress is unavoidable; it’s always going to be there. Instead of thinking about ways to cut stress out completely (pretty sure this is impossible), it’s important to think about ways to minimize it. Here are fifteen simple ways to lower your stress, and better your life:


1. Make Time For Friends And Family:

When life gets stressful it can be hard to even find time for yourself, let alone your friends and family also. However, friends and family are probably the people who are closest to you, it’s important to stay mindful of these meaningful relationships with the ones you love. Try to check in on those who mean the most to you a few times a week. A simple text wishing them luck on an important job interview coming up, or a five-minute phone call to see how their week has been going can go a long way.



2. Take Care Of Yourself:

When life gets busy it is often easy to put ourselves on the backburner. Forgetting about the little things, like drinking enough water, eating the proper foods that your body needs, and getting adequate hours of sleep every night seem to be constant issues when life gets busy. Take time to give your body what it needs, and love yourself.


3. Break A Sweat:

I can’t be the only one who thinks that the gym instantly relieves stress. It’s actually scientifically proven that working out produces endorphins, which boost your mood and make you happier. Spending a chunk of time exercising every day can do wonders for your mindset, and obviously, your physical health. Lately, if I only have a small amount of time to workout, I love doing some cardio while catching up on emails, or even reading Harry Potter. Is this weird? Does this make me one of those weird gym people that read on the treadmill? I have only fallen off of the treadmill once, while reading and speed walking at the same time.



Listen to your parents, and clean your room!!! Seriously though, being surrounded by a clean space always motivates me to get more work done, rather than jumping back into bed and forgetting about all of my responsibilities. Making your bed literally takes no longer than 3 minutes. If your bed is more elaborate to make than that, you might have a slight problem. One of my cleaning “tricks” that I like to utilize every night before I go to bed, is to set a timer for ten minutes, and simply do nothing but clean for that time period. You would be amazed at just how much you can declutter, and tidy up in that short amount of time.


5. Find Something That Sets Your Soul On Fire:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a hobby/ passion that you could spend hours and hours working on? Think about this, and find something that sets your soul on fire, and sparks your creativity, and desire. Spend time working on whatever this may be, for a little chunk of time every day.


6. Rid Yourself Of Toxic Relationships And Energy:

Why surround yourself with toxic people that cause you nothing but unhappiness? Focus on surrounding yourself with people who bring out nothing but the best in you. People who do nothing more than generating negative energy should not be prevalent in your life, especially if their negativity affects your energy. Be mindful of dealing with these rude, insulting, and degrading people, because ultimately your self-worth should be defined by you, and only you.


7. Throw Compliments Around Like Confetti:

Okay, I know that this phrase usually entails the word “kindness” rather than “compliments” but I do what I want, and I’m gonna go ahead and preach that you should be complimenting people as much as you can. See a classmate’s shirt that you absolutely adore? Let them know! Think a stranger’s hair is looking extra gorgeous? Tell em’! Simple compliments, like telling friends they’re rocking their school work, or just doing overall awesome in kicking life’s butt, can go a long way. Think about how good you feel when you receive compliments, and reciprocate this feeling by complimenting others.


8. Set Goals:

Set goals for yourself, crazy, obtainable, lifelong goals! It’s so important to set goals for yourself and to work towards them every day. In the end, you can achieve whatever goals you dream of achieving, so write them down, and start advancing towards attaining them!


9. Say Adios To Your Mobile Device:

Get rid of your phone! I recently learned in my communications class that the term, Phubbing, is defined as when you decide to spend time on your phone rather than having a real conversation with someone who is sitting right next to you. Think about how often you are phubbing people!! Stop phubbing people! ENOUGH WITH THE PHUBBING! Life is so beautiful, and you can miss so much of it when you are constantly invested in your phone. Take time to look around and take in everything that you are surrounded by. Life is too short to waste time watching Facebook videos when you could be devoting your time into real life, meaningful conversations with those who are important to you.


10. Cook Wholesome Foods For Yourself:

You would be amazed at how much better you will feel if you start cooking healthy, wholesome food for yourself, rather than dining out. There is also something special about cooking; it’s like wow I made this, I created this delicious, nutritious, food that my body will be happy to consume.


11. Give Yourself Pep’ Talks:

It’s always awesome to receive motivating pep talks from other people, but have you ever thought about receiving a pep talk from yourself? Now that’s a game changer. Having a rough day? Let yourself know that everything is going to end up working out and that you are capable of achieving those goals that you have set for yourself! Spend time with yourself for a few minutes every day, and let yourself know that you are a fabulous human being and that you are fully capable of achieving whatever it is that you want to.


12. Find Your Happy Place:

Find your happy place and immerse yourself in it as much as you possibly can. For some of us, this may be a bed, but I don’t mean this kind of place, lol. I mean find your happy place where you can clear your mind, or get some things done. I guess if your bed is where you are the most productive then that’s fine? My happy place is anywhere that I can have a coffee in one hand, and a book in the other. I’ve recently also started to jam out to music whenever I’m walking to class and this is amazing. Blaring Bruce Springsteen party tunes through my ears at 8:30 am on a Tuesday? I think yes.


13. Focus On What You Need To Focus On:

Put all of your mind and energy towards positive vibes, and the goals that you want to achieve. Focus on what you need to get done and get it done! Focus on bettering yourself and improving your wellbeing. Going along with toxic relationships, focus on those who make you happy, and radiate positive energy, not those who are only adding negative vibes to your happy lil’ world.


14. Less Complaining, More Doing:

I feel like this is definitely not how this phrase works, but I tried right? Work on minimizing the number of times a day that you complain. Now, I’m all for a good venting session, or a complaint every once in a while, but when you think about it, what does complaining really do for you? Not much. Rather than complaining, work on the things that you want to complain about, and make your life better.


15. Keep A Journal:

Being able to write freely about your feelings, or anything really is amazing. Buy yourself a journal and write in it whenever you need to. I actually find writing very therapeutic. I try and write in my journal every morning. I also find it very gratifying to write about things that I am thankful for or am happy about, rather than only venting through writing in my journal.




I hope you beautiful human beings of the Internet all have a fabulous hump day! Do you have any go-to things that make your life better? Let me know in the comments below!