20 Blog Post Ideas To Help You Beat Writer’s Block!

20 Blog Post Ideas To Help You Beat Writers Block! - sincerelykenz

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to hit a bit of a “writers block” every now and then.


After all, producing unique, different, content that separates you from other bloggers is not as easy as it may seem.


Here are a few writing prompts to help you when the going gets tough:

20 Blog Post Ideas To Help You Beat Writers Block! - sincerelykenz


  1. What are your monthly goals or aspirations? Let your readers know, inspire them to do the same.
  2. Update your readers on your New Years resolutions. Are you sticking to them? Did you write a post explaining what they were in the first place, if you didn’t- write that too!
  3. What is your current workout routine?
  4. What is your current music list? Let your readers know if there are any new artists you think they should listen too!
  5. Write a “how to” or tutorial styled post. What do you know that others don’t?-Would someone else be interested in learning how to do it?
  6. Teach your readers how to prepare one of your favorite recipes.
  7. How about a post simply about the writer’s block that you are currently going through?
  8. Why did you start blogging?
  9. What’s your bucket list? How much of it have you completed? When do you plan on completing the rest of it?
  10. What blogging platform do you use? Why did you choose it?  What are the pros and cons that you think it has?
  11. A book review.
  12. A movie review.
  13. A list of your top 10 favorite bloggers and why your readers should check out their sites.
  14. An “empties” type of post. Talk about what products you have used recently that you absolutely loved! (Hence the word empties, you loved the products so much that you used them until they were empty).
  15. What is your morning routine?
  16. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Prove why you believe your preferred choice is better than the other.
  17. What are your favorite ways to distress? Let your readers’ know- maybe it will help them with their stress as well!
  18. Do you go to college? Tell your readers about it, give them a dorm tour; let them know the best and worst parts of college life!
  19. Have a favorite outfit? Show your readers it! Explain why each piece is your favorite and where you bought them.
  20. What is your favorite social media outlet? Why?


I hope you can find at least something on this list to blog about! To all of you facing a bit of writers block, best of luck overcoming it!