5 Reasons To Love The Winter Season

5 Reasons To Love The Winter Season The winter season doesn’t always have to be a drag you know…. As a winter advocate, I say this with confidence. There is much more to the winter season than meets the eye, believe me.

Thinking that there is nothing pleasant about the winter season? I bet I can prove you wrong…

The Winter Food

For starters, this is  one of the only times of the year that Mallomars are sold in stores. Also, try and tell me that you don’t obsess over the delicious soups that come out to play during the winter season. Snowed in on a Friday night? This is your perfect excuse as to why you MUST order Chinese food. Other winter favorites include home made cookies, hot chocolate, and peppermint lattes from Starbs (naturally had to reference Starbucks at least once in this blog post). Gee, now I’m hungry.

The Opportunities

The winter season comes with tons of opportunities. Still need that summer body? No worries, the winter season gives you 3 or so months of nothing but clothes that cover up every inch of your body. Finish off that bag of chips that you’re munching on right now and head to the gym! Other fun ways to exercise in the winter include skiing and snowboarding. Getting fit isn’t the only opportunity that winter brings. Being stuck at home on snow days calls for binge watching Netflix or doing something really exuberant like starting a blog….

The Fashion

It’s cold, so you decide to wear a sweatshirt… and sweatpants…. and fuzzy socks. But it’s cold so this is 100 percent acceptable. I wouldn’t describe myself as any type of fashion guru but I must say that the winter is one of my favorite fashion seasons because you can layer on layer. Layering is one of the few fashion styles that I know how to wear.

The Smell

The cold actually has a scent. A mix of Christmas trees, peppermint, and fresh air is how I would describe it.

Dogs In Sweaters

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this.

5 Reasons To Love The Winter Season 5 Reasons To Love The Winter Season