These 5 Simple Tips Will Improve Your Instagram Profile Immensely

how to grow your instagram- sincerelykenz

Instagram is hands down one of my favorite social media apps. I love how you can express yourself through pictures and I love how creative you can get when it comes to editing your pictures/coming up with captions, etc.

I have been using Instagram for as long as I can remember, my pictures seriously used to be blurry blobs of nothing (big thank you to Apple and their 2007 iPod Touch camera quality). My pictures were pretty bad but thankfully those days are long gone and I now understand what pictures I like and how to edit them in ways that I like.


Because I love Instagram so much, I do spend  a lot of time using the actual app. I always warn my friends before they follow me about how much I post on Insta, haha. I like to think that I am a pretty good Instagrammer and that I understand how to grow my profile and post and post pictures that my followers enjoy viewing.  Here are some tips that when used right, will help you be on your way to using Instagram like a pro.


Create A Theme

I know, I know, everyone is always talking about their Instagram theme and how you just neeeeeed to have one- but seriously themes are awesome! Having a theme throughout your photos makes your profile look so much more appealing, and everything just flows so much nicer. Creating a consistent theme is pretty simple, just try your best to edit all of your photos in a similar way. For example, the theme I have going on is kind of white/light. I just try my best to only post photos that will flow with my theme and to edit them accordingly. Although it can be tedious at times, it is definitely worth it in the long run. I gained a ton of followers after I started posting with a consistent theme and I have worked with brands a ton, solely because they liked how my theme looked and wanted to promote their product on it.

how to grow your instagram- sincerelykenz

Be Consistent

Posting a photo once every two weeks isn’t going to give your account any spotlight. People usually follow other Instagram accounts because they enjoy the pictures that the user is posting. While trying to post every day is kind of overkill, it will grow your profile. I try to post as consistently as I can as long as the images are good quality and flow with my theme. I would say that if you want to start seeing results in the numbers of followers you have, you should be posting at a minimum of three times a week.


Follow other accounts on Instagram and connect with different users! Spend some time commenting on other peoples pictures and you will receive some comments back in return. Once I began spending a good amount of time connecting with other users on Instagram I saw an increase of followers on my page and received a lot of love back in return!  Even something as simple as responding to someone else’s comments will help grow your profile!


Use Hashtags

There are an absurd amount of hashtags that are floating around in the Instagram world. Take some time to research relevant hashtags for your pictures and utilize them! I have found that searching for certain hashtags and liking/commenting on pictures people have posted with those hashtags has helped me grow my page immensely! There are a bunch of different posts on Pinterest all about different hashtags for different bloggers/niches- Check em out!

Have Fun

One of the reasons, why I like Instagram so much, is because it is such a fun app! I love having fun with the pictures that I take and being able to express myself throughout my profile. Coming up with captions, editing pictures, and taking the actual pictures are all of the awesome things that come along with Instagram.

Like anything else, it takes time to grow your Instagram and gain followers. You won’t see results overnight but if you spend a chunk of time working on all of these things every day you will eventually see that hard work pays off- I promise! I have grown my Instagram so much since I started working on all of these things. I have created a brand for myself that people are familiar with and I have worked with companies just because of it. What are some of your Instagram tips and tricks?! Feel free to comment your user name below, I would love to check your profile out!