5 Things You REALLY Need To Bring To College


Things You REALLY Need To Bring To College: a list of things that nobody tells you to bring to college! I know there are a ton of college packing lists out there, so instead of doing the same thing as everyone else I decided to spice things up and take a different route on college packing. Here’s a list of 5 things that I wish I had known to pack for college prior to actually going (if that makes any sense). I hope you guys find this list helpful!



-Getting mail in college is one of the best feelings. When you’re at college, you’re most likely a few hours away from your friends and family at home. Getting a cute little note from your best friend or a care package from your family can really make any day go from drab to fab. Personally, I think sending mail is just as exciting as receiving it. It’s nice to know that you’ll be making someone’s day once they receive your package or letter. I totally recommend packing some stationary, stamps, and even a box of thank you cards to bring up with you to school. A small little note sent to someone you care about can go a really long way. My favorite places to purchase stationary are Urban Outfitters and Marshalls. P.S if you are really into sending snail mail, you should totally check out the Blogger Buddies Pen Pal Community!


Baking Needs:

-Something I wish I had purchased prior to college was a cookie sheet and some other baking tools! Taking a break from homework and baking cookies or even a dinner with your friends is such a nice thing to do in college. It’s great to skip out on dining hall food every once in a while and enjoy time spent with friends. Some baking tools I would recommend to bring to school with you are:

-Measuring Cups

-Cookie Sheet




-Frying Pan/Stove Pot



-Dormitory halls are pretty gross, (don’t even get me started on the bathrooms) so it’s extremely important to always have your feet covered! Walking around with bare feet or even socks can be dangerous and unsanitary. I recommend purchasing a pair of nice slippers to wear when you’re lounging around the dorms. After all, who wants to lace up their sneakers at 1 am when they wake up and have to pee! I got the cutest slippers from Bed Bath and Beyond for school! I also am in LOVE with my UGG moccasin slippers– but these are on the pricier side. A ton of people I know also purchased slippers from stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Marshalls.



-Going along with what was mentioned above, a vacuum was definitely a necessity for me in school! Your mom wont be at school with you to vacuum your room everyday, and boy will you miss it! Taking the time to thoroughly clean your dorm room once or twice a week can really make you feel great. My roommate also brought cleaning products such as: baby wipes, Windex and a tonnnn of Lysol. Although they don’t seem very important, having a clean room can go a very long way.



-I was so used to having the whole CVS pharmacy section in my bathroom medicine cabinet at home that I hardly brought any medicine to school with me. Because dorm halls have so many people in them, you’re bound to get sick. Here are my top picks for medicine that you should pack for school:


-Cough Drops

-IB Profen

-Rubbing alcohol



I hope you all find this list helpful! What are your recommended needs for college that no one really talks about? Do you bring any of the above items to school with you? I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!