6 Blogging Facebook Groups You NEED To Join

6 Blogging Facebook Groups You NEED To JoinBelieve it or not, Facebook isn’t just for old people to share stories about dogs/ thirty-second recipe videos (do those recipes even work?!). Although Facebook can be considered “old school” it is actually one of the biggest tools for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. I have learned so much about blogging just by networking and interacting through Facebook. If you are unaware of what a Facebook group is, you have certainly come to the right place. I wanted to take some time on da’ blog today to share my favorite Facebook groups that I am currently a member of.


Facebook groups are basically groups (who would have thought?) of people who all share similar interests. There are a TON of Facebook groups out there. Whether you are looking for design help, business tips, blogging motivation, or freelancing opportunities, these groups are the place for you. The best part is that these groups are one hundred percent free!  Meeting and networking with fellow bloggers is probably one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my journey through the blogging world. It is unbelievable how friendly and helpful everyone is in these groups. If you aren’t currently in any Facebook groups you really are missing out on a lot!


Here are my favorite Facebook groups :

1. Blog Beautiful:

4,500+ MEMBERS

This Facebook group is primarily for bloggers and “soloprenuers” who are working their way to the top! This group essentially is for people who want to beautify their blogs. D.I.Y graphic and design talk take place in this group a lot. The group also focuses on giving and receiving feedback and advice on blog design and of course, blogging itself.

2.  Blog & Bizz BFFs:

9,700+ MEMBERS

This group was started by the amazing Melyssa Griffin, who is absolutley fantastic in everything she does. The group has a HUGE number of members so there is always someone asking for help or vise versa. Blog & Bizz BFFs is a place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. 

3. Blogging College:


This group was created by another blogging superstar, Kayla Rivoli. I personally love this group because it is on the smaller spectrum, so the connections are usually between familiar faces. This group is a place for college-aged bloggers to receive and give feedback, advice, ideas, and motivation from fellow college bloggers.

4. Premier InfluenceHer Collective:


The InfluenceHer Collective Facebook group is a network full of blogs written by women ranging in age 13-30+. This group focuses on an array of different blogs in categories such as  fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more. This group provides a community for bloggers to share ideas and inspiration with one another, plus receive sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus.

5. The Blog Loft:

4,000+ MEMBERS

Like most other blogging Facebook groups, The Blog Loft is yet another place to share and recieve feedback on anything blogging. The Blog Loft is known as the “inner circle of bloggers” and their motto is to “pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and get ready for blogging success!”.

6.  Blogging Boost:

12,700+ MEMBERS

This is probably one of the biggest blogging groups I am a part of on Facebook. Blogging Boost allows bloggers to connect with other bloggers, share and read posts, and learn the ins and outs of working online! The group is open to anyone. This group has promo threads on Monday which are awesome!


Take some time to go through these groups and join the ones you think would benefit you! If you’re feeling spontaneous you may as well just join them all. Wishing you all an amazing weekend filled with fun and sunshine 🙂