8 Things To Do To Better Yourself Today

When wandering off into another planet today in my night class I thought about a few of the things that make me purely happy- nope, gonna rephrase that… I thought about a few of the things that make me feel purely better. Here’s a compiled list of just a few things I try to do every day to better myself. You should do all of these too! I mean lets be honest; what else are you doing that’s so important?!


  1. Clean your room & make your bed- having a clean room and a made bed makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.


  1. Make a to-do list- I love to-do lists… they keep me motivated and productive (or at least allow me to tell myself that). Starting the day off with a plan of action makes everything go along much smoother and results in a way more eventful day. Even though most of the time I don’t complete half the tasks I wrote down … it’s the thought that counts anyway right?

  1. Do something nice for someone else- It’s easy to be nice to someone when you can benefit; but how about knocking this one off the list with no benefits at all? I love knowing that I improved someone else’s day. Buy the person in the car behind you coffee, hold the door open for someone, or help someone carry their groceries to their car.


  1. Read something- who doesn’t love a nice read!? Reading is relaxing and has a crazy amount of health benefits for the brain. Whether it be an article on Iggy Azalea’s depleting musical career or a novel written by Shakespeare; take a little time out of the day for yourself and read a for a bit.


  1. Put your phone away for a period of time- sometimes with all the social media and technology that’s active these days I actually want to throw my phone against the wall… after awhile I get tired of seeing Kim Kardashian’s butt all over my Instagram feed. Putting my phone on airplane mode for a period of time gives me the chance to live in the moment rather than on twitter.


  1. Eat some ice-cream- ice-cream makes everything better; always. Ben & Jerry’s is my go to brand, It’s actually on my bucket list to eat every flavor Ben & Jerry’s has on the market.

  1. Go for a walk- most people take the world’s beauty for granted. If you look outside and really concentrate on the nature that’s surrounding you you’ll be truly amazed. Now that I have to trek (what seems to be like 20 miles) to class each day, I have more time to focus on the beautiful nature that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.


  1. Eat a taco- this one is pretty self-explanatory… need I say more?