8 WAYS TO MAKE DAILY WORKOUTS HAPPEN- ever struggle to find motivation when it comes to working out?! Read this for help!

As much as I love going to the gym, sometimes I just don’t have the time. College can be hectic, and schoolwork usually has to be prioritized over other things like extra curricular activities, or going to the gym. Here are a few of my tips to keep you motivated when you are really struggling with your healthy lifestyle:


1. Take Advantage Of Your Resources

If you cannot make it to the gym but still want to work out a little bit, take advantage of all of the online resources out there! There are so many different YouTube videos, websites, and endless Pinterest pins of quick, at home workout routines. Remember, working out for a short amount of time can go a long way.

2. Water, Water, Water

Did I mention water?! If you can’t make it to the gym every day but want to live a healthy lifestyle, it is so important to drink water and have a healthy diet! Water flushes out the toxins in your body and keeps you from being dehydrated and tired.

3. Find A Friend To Workout With

Having a friend who you can work out with will keep you accountable for going to the gym whenever you possibly can. Think about it- it is easy to sleep in, but nobody wants to cancel plans on a friend.

4. Walk As Much As Possible

If you can’t get to the gym to crush out some cardio, you can at least walk as much as possible. Purchasing a fitness accessory such as a Garmin or FitBit will allow you to track your steps and see how much you really are walking each day. I have the FitBit Alta and absolutely love it. A few ways to walk more include taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or leaving your phone upstairs if you are doing something downstairs.

5. Set Goals

Having fitness goals is an awesome way to keep you accountable. Fitness goals will aid you in pushing yourself to achieve whatever it is that you really want. I personally love to write my fitness goals down on sticky notes and keep them places where I can look at them everyday. This allows me to focus on my goals and constantly be aware of what I must do to achieve them.

6. Invest In New Gym Clothes

I am a big fan of gym clothes; I seriously think that I have such a better workout when my active wear is put together and (somewhat) matching. My favorite spots for active wear are Marshalls, Old Navy, and Target! Don’t forget that retail therapy isn’t ever a bad idea 😉

7. Plan Your Workouts

If there are some classes that you really want to go to, plan them in advance! Leave some openings in your schedule if you can and try to get to the workout classes you would like to go to. I know most colleges have recreational fitness classes that all students can attend. The awesome thing about college fitness classes is that they are usually at night; so most students can work around their classes to get to them! A few of my favorite classes from my college are Yoga, Barre, and Kickboxing.

8. Make Your Workout Plan Work For You

There are so many different little things that you can change to make your healthy lifestyle fit your wants and needs. If you absolutely hate getting up early, work out at night! Simple changes like this really can go a long way.




Do your workout during the week? What tips do you have for making it fit your busy schedule?