A Day In The Life Of A College Student

A Day In The Life Of A College Student- sincerelykenz


Day 20 of the October Blogging Challenge! Today’s prompt is “A Day In The Life”. Not gonna’ lie, my days in college aren’t all that interesting. But I guess I’ll try my best to make my life seem as exciting as possible.



I usually am up by what I like to call pretty early every day of the week. I have 8 a.m.’s everyday so I am usually awake somewhere between 7:00-7:30. From the time I wake up to the time I have to leave for class, I usually spend some time either blogging or commenting on other people’s blogs. I also drink my morning coffee during this time because well, coffee.



I’m done with class at 2 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesdays/Thursdays I get out at 1. From there I’ll usually get some food from the dining hall (ugh) or will head straight to the library if I bring a snack. There are of course some days, when a nap is much needed.



Aside from going to the gym and my night class from 5-7:30 on Wednesdays, that’s about as crazy as my daily life gets.



Besides the whole school part of college, you can either catch me tweeting some fabulously funny stuff, non-stop pinning stuff on Pinterest, or of course reading some fabulous blog posts on BlogLovin’!



I hope you all have an awesome day! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another post. P.S: INTERESTED IN WINNING A FREE CUSTOMIZABLE PHONE CASE? CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT!