Achieving A Goal A Day

sincerelykenz- Achieving A Goal A Day
The process for setting goals is different for everyone. The attitude that an individual has about a goal can alter the amount of ambition, happiness and progress that comes along with the goal itself.


Short-term goals and long-term goals are two completely different things. A long-term goal usually requires a lot more motivation and obviously, a longer time span to complete. Short-term goals can be completed fairly quickly and can be set more frequently.


Let’s be real. Most of those New Years resolutions that you plan on completing may not be realistic. New Years resolutions are usually major goals, which require a lot of work and effort. Two things that are sometimes tough to find when the new year really starts to begin and work starts to get tough and life starts to become life.


Accomplishing one goal a day is something that I plan to do over these next couple months. Whether it be setting a longer-term goal or completing a small short-term goal, I want to achieve something every day.

sincerelykenz- Achieving A Goal A Day

Setting or completing a goal each day will enable me to be the best version of myself that I possibly can be. After all, there are few better feelings than the one you feel when you finally complete something that you have been working towards.


The cool thing about goals is that everyone has different types. Our longings and passions are all distinctive in their own way. This being said, we don’t always have someone to push us to complete certain goals, or a system to track how well we are doing when it comes to completing certain goals. Make your own system, be your own coach.


Enjoy yourself and be excited to tackle all of your ambitions. Remember, obstacles are expected, but if you aren’t advancing through them, you are becoming them.


Do you have any goals that you would like to complete some time soon? What are they?