Apps You Need To Download Right Now To Boost Productivity

 Apps You Need To Download Right Now To Boost Productivity - sincerelykenz

I won’t lie, I hate the idea of being on my phone all of the time buuuuuut it is 2017 and my phone is basically like a digital holder for everything that is going on in my life on a day to day basis. Like many, my phone is my source of connection to friends family, and my job. My phone also serves as a tool for me to creatively portray my self and promote my blog creatively through the use of social media.


If we are technically speaking, I guess you could say that my computer is where all of my “blogging magic” happens. To be completely honest, blogging really never ends when you publish a post. There are a ton of other things that go along with publishing a new blog post, and most of this is done from my phone. From being active on social media, to promoting posts, to interacting with fellow bloggers, my phone is a necessity when I’m blogging on the go.


Here are a few apps that I use daily. These apps help me promote my blog, and keep me organized every day of the week.




WordPress/Blogger/ Etc.:

Whatever your weapon of choice may be, it’s never a bad idea to have the platform’s app on your phone. I personally use WordPress, and find that having the app on my phone allows me to quickly edit a typo in any post, upload posts on the go, or any other blogosphere duty that I need to complete when I don’t have my computer by my side. Having your platform’s app on your phone allows to easy and simple fixes to minor problems that may arise on your blog.


Let’s be real for a second… Apple’s note app that automatically comes with the iPhone is so ~last year~. Just kidding, but seriously the note app is subpar in my book. I use EverNote for all of my notes because I feel that it is a bit more organized and more visually appealing. One of the awesome things about Evernote is that you can connect your notes to all of your devices. I personally find this to be an awesome feature.



Bloglovin’ is probably one of the most beneficial blogging tools that I have discovered since starting my blog. Bloglovin’ allows you to connect with other bloggers, and share your own content across the platform. Whenever I have some time to kill I always find myself scrolling through the newsfeed that Bloglovin’ creates for you based on the bloggers that you follow and style of blog posts that you enjoy reading. Bloglovin’ also has a new update with a program called Activate. This allows content creators to apply for possible sponsorship opportunities! Having the Bloglovin’ app handy will allow you to scroll through the Activate campaigns whenever you have you’re using your phone.


 Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest:

Social media is one of the most important aspects when it comes to growing your business or blog. Constantly sharing photos, tweets, and other creative aspects of your life will further your chance to connect with others and grow your audience. Even though the new algorithm kinda’ sucks, Instagram is currently my favorite social media outlet. I love the freedom that Instagram gives you when it comes to portraying yourself in a creative light. I’m not crazy into Twitter, but I’ m trying to work on my Twitter gameTwitter is an awesome app for connecting with others in a quick and immediate fashion. Facebook is also not a fave of mine, but is a social media outlet that has been around for what feels like forever and has one of the highest use rates across the boards. I usually head over to Pinterest when I need some inspiration, or just feel like wasting some time looking at beautiful photos, and reading interesting articles.



If you struggle to post on social media on a constant basis Hootsuite is what you need in your life!! Hootsuite is seriously awesome.  It is basically a social media post scheduler (try and say that three times fast). You simply upload the link to your blog post on the app and it automatically schedules itself live on all of your social media outlets. Hootsuite gives you the option to schedule posts whenever you would like, or when your followers are interacting the most on the platforms. I use Hootsuite whenever I have a busy day and know that I won’t have time to update my social media accounts on my own.



Throughout the day there are countless amounts of things that we need to keep track of. Whether it be work related tasks, business meetings and goals, or simple things like appointments and errands, the list goes on and on. If you don’t always carry your planner around with you this is the app that you need in your life…like now. This app allows you to set dates, reminders, and create a variety of lists. Something super cool about this app is that it allows you to use Hashtags. The use of these makes scrolling through folders and lists extremely simple.


Photo Editing Apps

Although I love the idea of carrying my DSLR camera around with my 24/7, it isn’t exactly practical. So with that- say hello to my iPhone camera! I take most of my unplanned pictures on my iPhone. Tweaking contrast, light and saturation of pictures, which were taken on your phone, can really make their quality look much better. Some of my favorite picture editing apps are VSCO and Aviary!


The iPhone Reminder App:

This app is totally underrated. I use this app to remind myself of basic everyday things that I normally would forget. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is the connection between Siri and this reminder app. If you’re on the go , or driving and need to remember something for later you can simply ask Siri to remind you about whatever it is. This will automatically log whatever it is into the reminder app!


Do you have any go-to apps for being productive and maintaining a blog? Let me know in the comments below!