April Thoughts

I feel like just yesterday it was March; April flllllew by. April was kind of a bittersweet month, I’m finishing up my first year of college in about a week or two so April was kind of like the last month I had before I had to start crackin’ down for finals.

I definitely ate a lot more candy than I should have, but that’s Easter for ya. I blame Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Cadbury Eggs for making me eat them- yes, they in fact, made me eat them …

This month I also realized that our school’s library doesn’t open until 12 pm on Sundays – learned this the hard way when I tried to get in at 10 am and sounded off a few different alarms, I did what anyone would do after this- ran as fast as I could back to my dorm and checked the hours online.

I accomplished a lot of different things academic wise during the month of April- successfully typed my first 10 page college paper, passed a bunch of exams and got my first A- in a class that’s been kickin’ my butt! – yeah for being super studious and smart!!

April was also the month when I became overly obsessed with Starbucks iced coffee… may or may not have had a venti more than 3 times each week of this month- but you know what, you need it guys. If you haven’t ever had iced coffee I highly recommend, it’s a whole new world people, let me tell ya.

I did a lot of research and found out what a Fit Bit is during the month of April- I neeeeeeeed it! Its super awesome and if you aren’t already aware of what the Fit Bit is, you should totally check it out!

Overall, April was pretty awesome! I did a lot and learned a lot. I’m super excited for May and all it has to bring – that is, if I make it out alive after finals week #pray4me


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