Back & Ready For Action

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Have no fear; I am very much alive and well (I know you were all OBVIOUSLY wondering where I have been the past few days). These past couple weeks have been crazy busy with midterms and assignments. Although I bailed on the last few days of the October Blogging Challenge, I am extremely proud to say that I conquered it for the most part, and blogged just about every day (for the most part) of this month! This was a crazy challenge for myself, because I have a hard enough time posting three times a week in college, let alone every day of a month!


Although tomorrow is the official last day of this challenge, I would just like to give a little kudos to myself for sticking with it this far. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but let’s face it, I rock.


All jokes aside, this weekend is very exciting for me; because I finally have some time to take a break from studying and get a lot of stuff done that I have been pushing off for awhile now (I’m super good at procrastination).


I am also excited for the blog posts to come in the near future, because the month of October is almost over, I’ll be back on my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule starting next week.


With that, I hope you all have an awesome weekend and enjoy the last few days of October. Which by the way, how crazy is it that October is almost over?! Like whaaaaaaat!