Let’s face it, college is a big deal. The constant struggle of balancing classes, keeping up with a social life, and participating in extracurricular activities can get extremely overwhelming at times.  Adding a blog to this mixture makes things even more hectic- trust me, I would know.


Blogging is something that definitely requires a lot of time (if you want to be a successful blogger that is). Amongst writing posts on a regular basis comes social media upkeep, promotion, networking, and a TON of other things.  Adding the work of maintaining a blog onto the work that comes along with college was definitely a big adjustment for me. I have learned a lot from keeping up with these two things.


Although the balance is tough, and it is a lot of work, I do believe that maintaining a blog while succeeding in college is totally doable if you set your mind to it! With enough determination and motivation you will be able to figure out how to manage your time accordingly and give your schoolwork the attention it needs as well as your blog the attention it needs.


In this post, I’ll be touching on some tips and tricks that have helped me balance my blog and college life, I hope they help you too!



As a college student with a lot of things going on, my planner is literally my savior. I seriously don’t know how I would function in life if it wasn’t for my planner. I plan out each day by setting a list of things/goals that I must get done.  I use my planner to write down my upcoming assignments, exams, and any other extracurricular activities I have in the near future. My life seriously goes out of whack when I don’t use my planner, it has become one of my best tools in aiding me to keep up with my blog and college life! I highly recommend purchasing a planner if you do not have one already, it seriously works wonders!

Similar to planning out college related things, I also plan out everything and anything when it comes to blogging. My editorial calendar is my life saver- I use it to plan out all of my posts ahead of time and make sure that I am on track for upcoming posts. I also have a notebook strictly for blogging, where I plan out all of my posts, brainstorm ideas, and generally, write down anything that comes to mind blogging related. I have found that “batching”, or writing a bunch of posts on one single day has also helped me balance  my blog and college. Whenever I have a free day during the weekend, or some free time during the week that isn’t dedicated to school work, I “batch” posts.



While updating your blog on a constant basis, keeping up with social media, and staying up to date with all things college sounds ideal… things don’t exactly always work out as planned. Be realistic when it comes to the balance between your blog and college workload. Don’t set goals that you know you won’t be able to accomplish and don’t over work yourself. Time management is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a blog and living a college lifestyle.

You really need to zero in on how you are using each of your days and be sure that you are allotting the right amount of time for everything. Don’t stress over getting a blog post up if you know you have a test that you have to study for! Take days off and figure out what works best for you. Don’t burn yourself out.



Be productive and choose your time wisely. Maybe watching Netflix for three hours when you still need to finish a blog post isn’t the best idea. Constantly keep track of what you need to get done and prioritize it as much as you possibly can.

Use the free time you have for the things that really need to get done. Update your social media, answer emails, and engage with other bloggers whenever you have some extra time on your hands. This may be tough when you have a 30-minute gap between classes and a nap is seriously calling your name BUT think about the long run and do what is beneficial for you.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Write down what you need to get done and go from there. Ultimately, college should be your number one priority. Complete all of your college-related things first and then head over to your blogging work if you have the time.