The Best Eats In Boston

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Rob and I are going to Boston to visit one of our good friends next week and we are so excited! We have only been to Boston once before, and that was all the way back in November. So you can probably imagine that we are excited to endure a slight major change in the weather as well as having the opportunity to check out our beloved city once again.


While preparing for our lil’ adventure I obviously had to go on Pinterest and do some research. Keep in mind that I was REALLY hungry when I did some of this research, thus all of these places revolve around food one way or another. Here are my top eats in Boston that I would like to try and check out when we visit next week:


Mike’s City Diner:

This seems to be a typical diner with a ton of delicious food.  There even is a breakfast special that comes with two eggs, three pieces of meat, toast, homefries, and coffee for just 7 bucks! You can’t go wrong with that.

boston eats- sincerelykenz

Trident Books Cafe:

Located at the end of Newbury street, this place is actually a very old bookstore with a small cafe inside of it! It has actually been ranked one of Boston’s top “grooviest” cafes because of its hip atmosphere and fun food. I have read a lot of amazing things about their blueberry pancakes!

boston eats- sincerelykenz


Blunch is located on the South End of Boston and is a tiny little spot that people seem to rage about.  Egg sandwiches or “eggwhiches” are very popular at this restuarant. This “hidden gem” has stool seating along a glass window so that you can people watch while you enjoy your fabulous breakfast…or lunch… your fabulous blunch.

boston eats- sincerelykenz


Bostonia Public House:

According to TripAdvisor this is an American styled restaurant with some basic dishes that anyone would enjoy.  If we’re talking specifics, “Bostonia Public House celebrates the history and tradition of Boston. This Tanya Nayak design thoughtfully combines, rustic elements, modern accents and unique finishes that will remind Bostonians of their rich and colorful heritage. Cognac and coffee tones, tufted banquets, vintage and modern lounge seating promote a warm and welcoming environment. Bostonia Public House will be a polished and playful venue offering a ‘refined rustic’ menu within a vibrant bar atmosphere.”

boston eats- sincerelykenz

The Dogwood Cafe:

The Dogwood Café is known for its burgers, quirky salads, pastas, and unforgettable cheesy pizza pies. This hotspot is actually located right next to the Arnold Arboretum, which is a pretty well-known spot in Boston!

sincerelykenz- boston eats

Sweet Caroline’s:

Sweet Caroline’s is one of Fenway’s newest restaurants. This restaurant’s lower level dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the patio and Fenway stadium. This seems to be a perfect spot for any Sox fans!

sincerelykenz- boston eats

Sweets and Treats: 

Amorino Gelato:

The name is kind of self-explanatory on this one, this is basically a real gelato shop in the city of Boston! Two Italian dudes started this shop in hopes that they could bring some of their Italian roots into the city that they both loved.  This shop also sells waffles, crepes, and Macarons.

boston eats- sincerelykenz

Union Square Donuts:

I have heard a ton of amazing things about this place but have never actually had the chance to check it out. Flavors of the donuts range anywhere from PB and J to Maple Bacon.

boston eats- sincerelykenz

Pavement Coffee House:

I am a sucker for cute coffee shops, they are one of my favorite things. The last time we were in Boston Rob and I went to The Thinking Cup coffee house and absolutely adored it. If we have the chance I would love the check out this newer coffee shop because hellllllooooooooooo you can never have enough coffee.

boston eats- sincerelykenz


 have you tried any of these eats in Boston?, if you have let me know in the comments- I would love to know how they are!