{Blogger Buddies} Pen Pal Community Launch!

I’m super excited about today’s post! Just a week or so ago, I teamed up with Rhiannon from Peace and Blessings on her amazing idea for a blogging community which focused primarily on Pen Pals!

Well, the community has finally launched! I am one of the three admins of this unique community along with my friends, Kayla and Jacqueline!

Because the community has just begun, it is still a bit fresh. We are all trying to get this community to go as viral as it possibly can.


Now, let’s talk details:

Each month you’ll be paired up with another blogger. You’ll spend the month getting to know each other, sending at least one snail mail letter to each other, and work with each other to grow your blogs! 

Throughout the month, feel free to give each other shout outs on social media (at least one each month, to make it beneficial and fair)! Take this in any direction you would like – write a guest post for them, share their posts on your Pinterest boards, etc etc. Whatever works for the two of you! 

Send out your snail mail letter by the 20th of each month! Let your creativity flow – use cute stationary, stickers, colorful markers, whatever your heart desires! Each month there will be a different prompt if you find yourself having writers block – those prompts will be posted on our Facebook Group. 


I am truly so excited to take part in this amazing project. Not only will this community help bring bloggers together to grow and promote their blogs with one another, but can you think of anything in the world that is better than receiving a letter in the mail?!!- Besides 7 million tacos maybe.


If you are interested in being part of this community you can head over to my Pen Pal Community Page and go from there.


I hope you all take a chance to check out this up and coming community and take part in it!


Also, be sure to check out these lovely ladies who I am working with on this project: Rhiannon & Jacqueline & Kayla.


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