It is officially December and I actually cannot believe it! It feels like it was August just yesterday! December 1st is a special day for a bunch of reasons. For starters, December 1st marks the 17 day countdown until my birthday! December 1st also marks the 24 day countdown until Christmas- which hello?! Also means that FreeForm’s  (*queue eye roll because everyone knows that ABC was a better channel name) 25 days of Christmas starts!  As if things couldn’t get any better, December 1st is also the first day of Blogmas!


Blogmas is the time period from December 1st until Christmas day, when bloggers upload posts every day, usually revolving around Christmas type of topics.


As exciting and enjoyable (not even being sarcastic) as blogging for 25 days in a row sounds, ya’ homegirl needs some time to prioritize schoolwork as well. Thus, I’ll be tweaking Blogmas a bit, and doing it on my own terms. With that being said, I will be participating in Blogmas 5 days a week rather than 7. I need some time over the weekend to focus on my upcoming finals and bottomless pit of papers that are due week.


I’ll also be diversifying my blog post topics, and won’t strictly be posting about Christmas every day. Trust me, I do love Christmas, but I also enjoy posting in the style that I usually write in. I don’t want to completely push that aside for a whole month.


Since this is the first day of Blogmas, I figured I would share some Christmas styled blog post ideas with you all. Here is what I have come up with:


1.Gift Guides

The possibilities for different types of gift guides are honestly endless. There are so many different personalities that people have, and so many different likes and dislikes between certain people. Off the top of my head, I can think of almost 20 different gift guide ideas. Some of my favorites to look at are:

·      Gift Guide For The Traveler

·      Gift Guide For The Entertainer

·      Gift Guide For The Music Enthusiast

·      Gift Guide For The Gym Junkie

·      Gift Guide For Moms

·      Gift Guide For Dads

·      Gift Guide For Couples

·      Gift Guide For Grandparents

The list could go on and on, if you are in need of some more gift guide topics, I would recommend checking out Pinterest and browsing through there!



Calories don’t count during the holiday season, right? Like gift guides, there are a ton of different recipe blog post ideas. Things like cookies, festive appetizers, healthy dinner options, and holiday drinks are all great options to write blog posts about!


3.Lifestyle Pieces

I’m a sucker for lifestyle blog posts. The holiday season calls for so many different fun lifestyle piece ideas. Posts about holiday trips, holiday decorations, holiday festivities, and even just personal feelings and insights about the holiday season are ones that I specifically love to read.


4.Holiday Movie/ Music Ideas

Try and name a few things that are better than Christmas music….I bet you can’t. Sharing your Christmas music playlist with readers or even your favorite Christmas movies is a great way to give others the opportunity to be introduced into a whole new world of magical Christmas entertainment!


5.Holiday DIYs

Similar to recipes and gift guides, the possibilities with holiday themed DIYs is seriously endless. Things like DIY gifts, DIY gift tags, or DIY holiday decorations have always been favorites of mine. Like most other things, I would recommend checking out Pinterest for some fun ideas!



What types of Blogmas posts do you enjoy reading? Are you participating in Blogmas? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to check out your posts!