ultimate list of blogmas post ideas- sincerelykenz

Before I get all sentimental and start talking about how it is already December, and how the year flew by, blah blah blah, I figured I would cut to the chase and just say WOW. There, that’s it. That’s all I have to say about it being December 1st. No rant here, don’t mind me.


For my fellow bloggers out there, I’m sure you are aware of what Blogmas is. For all of my nonbloggers out there (hi mom, hi dsd) Blogmas is basically a countdown until Christmas on a blog. The goal of Blogmas is to create a blog post every day throughout the month of December, with the last post published on December 25.


Blogmas is quite the challenge, and very time-consuming. A lot of work goes into creating the posts themselves, but also editing them, taking pictures, and promoting everything on social media outlets.


I tried to participate in Blogmas last year and it was honestly a mess, I think I posted maybe 8 blog posts in total? Definitely a fail, and quite honestly I’m not even sure why I decided to do Blogmas if I wasn’t going to follow through with it. I’m assuming finals got the best of me, or maybe I just lost interest? I’ll have to send my past self a letter or something, to get the inside scoop.


I totally had no intentions of doing Blogmas this year. I mean who has time to create a blog post every day for the month of December? Definitely not a senior in college, trying to finish up her last semester (plot twist: this is me, I am referencing myself). I got anxious just thinking about Blogmas, I couldn’t even maintain my three blog post a week schedule these past few months.


BUT then I sat down this morning and had my usual cup of coffee in my adorable new Christmas mug (thanks mom) and I got to thinking…. Can I do Blogmas? Should I do Blogmas? The answer to both of these questions is probably no. I kind of want to challenge myself, and see if I can actually do Blogmas (for the whole 25 days this time) Should I do it? I really just can’t decide. Updates to come… I guess?


I’m going to finish up some assignments this morning, and see where I’m at after that. To Blogmas or not to Blogmas? I really just don’t know.


While debating whether or not to participate in Blogmas I figured I would throw around some Blogmas post ideas, for those bloggers out there who actually have their sh*t together, and are capable of participating in Blogmas:



  • December Bucket List
  • Best Christmas Movies Of All Time
  • Your Favorite Holiday Recipe
  • Go To Winter Coffee Order (gingerbread Starbucks latte? I think yes)
  • What Christmas Means To You
  • Winter Night Routine
  • How To Have A “Cozy” Winter Day
  • Winter Skincare Routine
  • Blogmas Post Ideas (hi)
  • Goals For December
  • Christmas Gift DIY



  • Healthy Holiday Snacks
  • Cookie Decorating Idea
  • Gingerbread House Creating Vlog
  • Best Christmas Cookie Recipe
  • On The Go Holiday Snacks
  • Pinterest Baking Ideas
  • Fun Christmas Drink Ideas
  • The Ultimate Hot Chocolate
  • Review Of Holiday Meal Out
  • Favorite Holiday Latte



  • Gift Guide For Him
  • Gift Guide For Her
  • Gift Guide For Mom
  • Gift Guide For Dad
  • Gift Guide For Grandparents
  • Gift Guide For Couple
  • Gift Guide For Gym Junkie
  • Gift Guide For Jet Setter
  • Gift Guide For Fashionista
  • Gift Guide For Artsy Person In Your Life
  • Gift Guide For Hostess
  • Gift Guide For Beauty Guru
  • Gift Guide For The Little Ones



  • How To De-stress During The Holiday Season
  • How To Organize Your Gift List
  • How To Stay Fit And Healthy During The Holiday Season
  • Hot To Finish The Year Off Strong
  • How To Be Safe And Healthy On NYE
  • How To Plan For An Exciting And Stress-Free Christmas
  • New Years Resolutions


Kudos to you if you are participating in Blogmas this year! It’s definitely a challenge fit for a hard worker! Happy first day of December! Xoxo