Boston Adventures 2016

This past week Rob and I took a trip to Boston. We had a ton of fun and were so excited to take some time to explore one of our favorite cities for a couple of days.


Even though a major part of traveling is to experience new things and make really amazing memories, we are both still college students and don’t have all the money in the world. We tried our best to have a great couple of days while saving a few of our pretty pennies.


We opted to take the ferry into New London, Connecticut because Boston is about a 4 1/2 hour car ride from where we live on LI. We thought that the ferry would ease up the trip a little bit. We ended up taking a 7 a.m. ferry and getting into Boston at around 11 o’ clock. Naturally, the first thing we wanted to do was eat so we headed straight to the Public Gardens to have some lunch. We had purchased bagels prior to entering the city so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time sitting at a restaurant once we got there.


We had a lil’ picnic and both enjoyed an egg everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese (my personal favorite).  I love the Public Gardens because there is always so much going on there. Whether it be street performers or farm stands, there is always something different on every corner of this area of Boston. I also love people watching, and the gardens are the perfect place for that.


After enjoying our lunch, spending some time people watching, and exploring the gardens we eventually made our way towards Newbury Street. Like I mentioned before, we both didn’t want to spend too much money so we really didn’t buy much. Rob ended up getting a t-shirt and I got an adorable pair of shorts from Aerie.


After exploring the city some more and walking for what felt like forever we finally made our way to our friend Tony’s apartment! We got a quick snack with him and then headed to dinner where we had an amazing meal. Rob got a lamb burger (ew, lamb) and I got a taco salad. The restaurant that we went to had outdoor seating which is one of my favorite things.

IMG_5756 IMG_5771IMG_9889 IMG_9891 IMG_9892We ended our eventful day at Fenway park. This was a lot of fun because we both had never been to Fenway before and both enjoy going to baseball games. The Sox won by a lot and it was a great game to watch! After stopping into JP Licks for some ice cream we called it a night. Rob got a waffle cone with mint oreo chip and peanut butter cookies and cream and I opted for a standard cookie dough and brownie batter in a cone.

IMG_5805 IMG_5802IMG_9895 IMG_9896 IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9903

On Thursday we headed towards the Charles River Esplanade after getting breakfast- this place was gorgeous and I totally recommend if you are planning to go to Boston anytime soon. There were a ton of people kayaking in the river/running along the river/ and there were even a few art classes taking place in the same area! Shortly after spending  awhile here we made our way back to the ferry port and headed home. We both had a great couple of days. It was really nice to  take a break from work and spend some time in a new place.

IMG_9916 IMG_9932 IMG_9938 IMG_9952

Have you ever been to Boston? What did you do there?