Breakfast Foods To Avoid When Eating At A Dining Hall

People, times are tough. You work with what you got but let me tell you, choosing the wrong breakfast food at your college’s dining hall can make your day go from 100 to 0 real quick.

Here’s a list of 5 foods you should avoid when eating breakfast at your school’s dining halls-



-So you’re feeling crazy and want to choose a healthy choice rather than that pound of french-fries you usually opt to getting- nope, try again. Oatmeal is the worst here. It’s basically water with some over cooked, gooey oats; usually cold too.



-So who doesn’t love fruit, everyone loves fruit- don’t they? Nope, wrong again. The fruit here is fake, it pretty much just tastes like a bunch of chemicals that are soaked in water for too long. Gross.



-Ohhhhhhhh, wrong again. These “eggs” come out of cardboard cartons, which are not refrigerated…they usually also have bubbles on top of them whenever they’re poured into the pan- super appetizing right though, I know.



-Common breakfast choice for some people but no, just no- save yourself, just save yourself people. This pizza sits underneath a big lamp to keep it warm, however, all this heat that the lamp gives off does is just cover the top of the pizza in a crusty film- ugh, just no.



-You’d think this one would be safe. One time I actually tried to get cereal and a piece of a tomato came out of the dispenser with the cereal. Haven’t had lucky charms since.



I mean, overall id pretty much say water is your best option. I’d also recommend toast with butter- you can’t really mess that one up.


Happy Monday people! Hope you all enjoyed this post and have an awesome, not so sucky start to the week!


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