Case App – Blogmas Day 8

Think about the few things that you constantly have with you- for me they would probably be my ID, a hair tie, a snack (duh) and of course, my phone. Phone’s are capable of so much, and have the ability to allow you to not only connect via phone calls, but now have options such as texting, apps, and even high quality cameras.

Case App - sincerelykenz Case App - sincerelykenzCase App - sincerelykenzCase App - sincerelykenz

Because I use my phone so much, and always have it with me, it’s important for me to keep it protected and make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Keeping my phone in a case is a win win; my phone is protected in a durable case and it looks super cute. It really can’t get much better than that.


When CaseApp reached out to me and told me to check out their latest design software, I was thrilled! I love phone cases (may have a slight obsession TBH) and was very excited to design my very own case.

Case App - sincerelykenz

CaseApp has customizable cases for iPhones, Galaxies, and even laptops! CaseApp’s design lab is efficient and very easy to maneuver. The possibilities are really endless, as you can basically put whatever you want on your case.

Case App - sincerelykenz Case App - sincerelykenz

I ended up choosing this cute lil’ cactus because it was fun and adorable. CaseApp would make a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. You can really create a gift for anyone, because the customization is all up to you.


Because I didn’t want you to miss out on all the fun, I snagged a discount code for you: SINCERELYKENZ20