The Secret Morning Routine Of Successful Bloggers


the secret morning routine of super sucessfull bloggers- sincerelykenzWaking up and having a plan in mind based on how I want to start my day is crucial for me. Mornings are extremely important to me, they set the tone for the rest of the day and are a fresh, clean start from whatever occurred the night or day before.


One of the biggest reasons why I like mornings so much is because they are allotted amounts of time where you can get inspired, feel motivated, be productive, and overall just start your day on a high note.  Here is my every day ( aside from when I have obligations such as work or anything of that nature) killer, productive morning routine:


The Night Before:

Believe it or not, I actually start my morning “routine” the night before. I like to take about a half hour the night before to tidy up my room, get myself organized and most importantly, write things down. I don’t know what I would do without lists, these things are like magical tools that can help you take over the world. I seriously write so many lists each and every day- I guess you could call me a “listaholic”. No, but really, taking some time to list out everything that you would like to get done the following day is very important if you want to have a productive morning. Taking the time to write these things down the night before allows you to get in the right mindset and focus on what you need to get done.


After creating this, it’s lights out! Using your phone for an elongated period of time before you go to bed can actually alter how much deep sleep you get. I try to put my phone on airplane mode about a half hour before I plan on going to sleep just so that it doesn’t affect my sleeping pattern. One thing that I always make sure I do before going to sleep is to set my alarm. Waking up a bit earlier than you’re used to won’t kill you- I promise! Waking up earlier gives you more time to get the things you want to get done, done. When I was still up at school I woke up most mornings at 6 A.M. I know it sounds crazy but I actually really really enjoyed this! Getting up this early allowed me to get some homework done, edit some blog posts, and enjoy my morning without rushing and cramming. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

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The Initial Wakeup:

Please please please don’t immediately check your phone when you wake up! Other people’s Instagram pictures and tweets really aren’t that important, I promise. I love to wake up and do something calming. I usually take some time to go over my mighty to do list and fuel my body with some water. Drinking water in the morning is extremely important because your body is basically in “starvation mode” all night long. Also, for all of my fellow coffee lovers out there- drinking coffee without drinking any water beforehand in the mornings is very bad for you! Be sure to drink a few cups of water before diving into your delicious cup of jo’.


After hydrating and  drinking my coffee (favorite part of the morning) I usually head over towards my to-do list and get some stuff done. Science says that your brain needs a 15-20 minute break after about 90 minutes of doing one single task. Stepping away from an activity can help new ideas flow and you can tackle work faster. Because of this, I usually take small breaks in between completing each of the tasks on my to-do list. I usually will check emails, scroll through social media, clean up my room, or get ready during these breaks.

the secret morning routine of super sucessfull bloggers- sincerelykenz


Fuel Your Body:

After I complete a few tasks on my to do list I’ll head over to the kitchen and whip up some breakfast. I almost use breakfast as a “reward” for getting things done, I won’t let myself eat until I get at least one thing completed on my to do list. Personally, this is a great incentive for me because I love food. As you all probably know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They don’t say this for nothing- breakfast starts your body’s metabolism for the day and gives your body the energy it needs to get through the day. My breakfast isn’t usually too elaborate, I usually either have Raisin Bran and fruit or some type of egg white omelette and a half of a bagel. I love having big breakfasts because they keep me full for the rest of the day and give me enough energy to get done what needs to get done.


Back To Business:

After I get most of the things done on my to-do list and fuel up with a good breakfast I usually head to the gym to get a good workout in. People say this all of the time and I didn’t believe it for awhile, but working out seriously does make you feel so much better about basically everything. Exercise releases endorphins which really just make you happy. I love finishing up my morning routine with a tough workout at the gym because I love the feeling afterward. It’s always great to know that you got a good workout in.


That’s basically it! I love having a productive morning because it seriously leads to such a better day. Do you have a morning routine- what do you do?!