One of the big struggles of studying abroad is trying to pack. Lucky for you, I am here to help. Fitting four months worth of clothes, toiletries, and all that other junk that you utilize every day into suitcases that are limited by size and weight isn’t as hard as it seems. If I can do it, you can do it.


Like most programs, I’ll be abroad for both colder temperatures as well as warmer temperatures. Because of this, I had to pack cold weather items such as scarves and gloves as well as warmer weather items such as flip-flops and shorts.


As forgetful as I am, I figured that packing a few weeks early rather than one week before leaving was my best bet. Packing bit by bit a few weeks early allowed me to minimalize the chance I had of forgetting things.


I started three weeks before I left by simply going through the clothes hanging in my closet. From here, I sorted which clothes I needed to take, which clothes I possibly wanted to take, and which clothes I definitely didn’t need to take. Rather than folding up these clothes and packing them so early, I just sorted them to the left of my closet (leaving the clothes that I wasn’t bringing abroad to the right side of my closet).


The second week prior to departure I began to sort out the rest of my clothes. This included items in my dresser drawers and closet floor such as pants, shorts, and shoes. I didn’t actually go through the process of physically packing my suitcase until the week before my departure.


To keep my suitcase underweight, I packed only travel size bottles of my hair care products. I purchased full-size bottles of these products once I arrived in Prague. I also wore both of my coats, and my heaviest shoes on the plane.


To save space, I rolled all of my clothes up and tightly packed them into my suitcase. I also put smaller items like socks and underwear inside of my shoes.


Below is a PDF of everything that I packed for my time abroad. Feel free to utilize it if you need some help packing!


study abroad packing list