Coffee Talk: 11.21.16

Wow, it has been a while since I sat down and spent some time talking to you guys about my life. Time has seriously been flying by, and I’m not so sure why I stopped writing these styled posts- after all, they are one of my favorite type of posts to write.


I don’t even know where to begin; it has really been such a long time. This fall I started my first semester of my junior year of college, which is pretty crazy. It’s safe to say that this semester has been one of my toughest yet, and I have had to put a lot more effort into my schoolwork to maintain the grades that I have received in the past. This has to do with the fact that I’ll be student teaching (eeeeek!) next year, so most of my classes are getting a bit more tedious because they are preparing me for that.


I find it so interesting to take classes that are actually geared toward my major. A lot of my freshman and sophomore year were spent taking general education classes, which are basically exactly what they sound like. Examples of these classes would be: math, science, world history, and subjects of that nature. It’s really exciting to take classes that revolve around what I want to do with my future, even if they’re really hard to keep up with.


Aside from endless schoolwork, I have had some positives come up into my life lately. On November 8th, Rob and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. This was a super exciting day for us. We celebrated by eating pizza (naturally) and watching the presidential election, which by the way- don’t even get me started on that…

I know what you’re thinking, pizza and the presidential election seems like a pretty lame way to celebrate five years together. We did go to Boston the weekend before and spent a couple of days there celebrating with one and other. We spent a majority of our time eating delicious foods as well as walking around our forever favorite city.


After that trip it was Prague EVERYTHING. Right after our trip, we began planning out everything for Prague, and really got our Prague gears runnin’. Rob and I will both be studying abroad in Prague next semester, and there is so much to do to prepare for it. Just last Friday, we finished our Visa applications and handed them into the Czech Consulate in NYC. Completing the Visa application was probably the hardest part of the whole studying abroad process, as there were so many documents that had to be filled out in extremely specific ways to have it marked complete. Lucky for us, we finally got it out of the way! We booked our flights last week and I couldn’t be more excited to finally begin our journey.


After dropping our Visa application off in NYC, we decided to come straight home to good ol’ LI. I am home for 10 days, and I actually cannot believe it, that is the longest break I have had from school for quite some time. Classes officially were scheduled to end on Tuesday and break was teeeeechnically from Tuesday night until my first class on Friday, but I was fortunate enough to have most of my classes cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. I’m not really sure why professors cancel class, but then again, I’m not complaining. I’m also not sure why our school has class until Tuesday; it’s much easier to just begin the break on that Friday.


After this break is over I will have almost completed half of my junior year of college! We go back to Oneonta next Sunday and then final exams start. Pretty crazy to think about, but I guess it’s kind of exciting at the same time.


I hope you all enjoyed this lil’ life update post and have a fabulous Monday!