College Dorm Room Grocery List

College Dorm Room Grocery List- sincerelykenz

If you weren’t already aware, you’d be happy to know that college dining hall food sucks. Call me picky, but one time I had Cheerios and a chunk of a tomato came out with them. Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason I prefer eating cereal without tomatoes in it. Going off of this, having snacks and alternate meals in your college dorm room is a must. Whether it be a quick breakfast, or a snack that you want to pack for your long night at the library, here are my top picks for dorm room foods:


College Dorm Room Grocery List- sincerelykenz




Oatmeal- Oatmeal is such a filling food. All you need to make oatmeal is water and the oatmeal itself (duh). This is a great breakfast and takes only a few minutes to make! I love adding fruits and cinnamon into my oatmeal to add a little flavor.

Rice Cakes- Rice cakes are also a filling food! These are awesome for breakfast because just like oatmeal, the possibilities with these are endless. Putting peanut butter and bananas on rice cakes is a serious game changer- IT IS SO GOOD.

Coffee- Need I say more!?

Cinnamon- This can be added to your oatmeal or rice cakes!

Bread- Adding a little bit of peanut butter or jelly on bread can go a long way! Bread is also great for lunch or dinner if you have cold cuts to throw on it!



Popcorn- Popcorn is a MUST in college. Don’t forget to bring a popcorn bowl either; sharing a bag of popcorn between you and your four friends can get really messy really quick!

Ice Cream- This is my top remedy for when you’re drowning in exams and assignments. I may or may not be guilty of eating a whole pint of Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream in one sitting.

Fresh Fruit- Apples and bananas are one of my favorite things to keep in my college dorm room. These are perfect for when you’re running to class but want a quick snack!

Granola Bars- Granola Bars are great for long nights at the library, these give you plenty of energy and protein to help you stay awake and continue working!

Cookie Mix- If your school has a mini kitchen, cookie mix is perfect! It was so nice to take a break from studying and bake cookies with friends last year.

Peanut Butter- If you don’t like peanut butter I think you’re crazy (no really you must be crazy). I am addicted to peanut butter so this is one item that is definitely ALWAYS in my college dorm room. Peanut butter is a fabulous source of protein as well as a delicious snack- what more could you ask for?!

Trail Mix- Like granola bars, trail mix is an awesome snack that isn’t bad for you! It’s important to choose healthy snacks at school because the freshman 15 is real people, I promise.

Snack Sized Candy- I’m a sucker for candy and need a little bit of it at least once a day. Having snack sized candies rather than a regular box of candy allows you to beat your craving without eating a million calories.

Chips/Crackers- Just like popcorn, these are great snacks to share with friends when you’re all hanging out!

Dip/Salsa- What’s a chip or cracker without a salsa or dip?- am I right, or am I right?



Frozen Vegetables- You need your veggies in college just as much as you needed your veggies at home! My favorite types of vegetables are the frozen microwavable packages of them.

Easy Mac- Are you really in college if you don’t eat an Easy Mac at least twice a week?

Soup- Soup is perfect for those rainy/cold days when you don’t want to walk to the dining hall for lunch or dinner. If you have a microwave you can cook a can of soup in less than 5 minutes; I highly recommend!



I hope this list helps all of you college foodies out there! What snacks do you keep in your college dorm room?








  • um this list is PERFECTION. I’m seriously saving it and printing it out for my next shopping trip 🙂

  • Love this! I’m finally getting a kitchen on campus and I’ll definitely have to bring this list with me for when I buy groceries! 🙂



  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    Yes, totally agree college food is kind of gross. Your list sounds perfect! I always liked noodle bowls and the stuff to make a quick sandwich also..the quicker the better, right?!

  • Ellen Smith

    In Ireland we don’t have a dining hall really. We have a few restaurants but we have fridges and all in accommodation that we can make proper meals at home. I don’t really eat snacks in college, only during exam time. I just eat a standard three meal a day and budget it.

    I love rice cakes though!


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  • Omg, I wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for the $250 a semester allowance for food splurges. Things like Burger King, Caribou Coffee, and other on-campus fast food. I always had this weird craving for powdered milk. I don’t know why, but I loved it. And it’s a good thing too. Milk is super expensive, and powdered milk allowed me to have it whenever I wanted it!

  • Color U Bold

    Now these are what I call real necessities!!! This is such a great grocery list for college students! That Freshmen 15 will totally not happen with this list! Heck I’m taking these tips for myself even though I’m not in college haha!

    Jasmine 🙂

  • Love this list! Wish I had it as a college kid!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  • Your dorm/college posts are all super helpful! Also, love your blog design! Did you do it yourself?