How I Create 3 Blog Posts A Week, Every Week Of The Year

How I Create 3 Blog Posts A Week, Every Week Of The Year - sincerelykenz

Whenever I spend time on different blogs I always wonder what kind of process the blogger goes through when creating their content. I believe that most bloggers have their own, unique, process for creating content which is learned and utilized with practice over time. After all, creating a process is a process…. Ha…ha


Believe it or not, creating a blog post is a lot harder than it may seem. A small idea can turn into hours of writing, editing, revising, and promoting. I have finally learned (it took long enough) that having a routine to create blog posts is much easier than trying to do it at random. Today I’m giving you an inside look at my everyday blogging routine.


I have found that this is probably the toughest part of creating a blog post. It’s important to me to think of post ideas that my audience can relate to, I always keep my audience in mind when I brainstorm post ideas. I have found that my most beneficial way to think of blog post ideas is to go on websites such as PinterestBloglovin‘, and even sometimes StumbleUpon. I usually spend chunks of time each week to jot down all of my ideas on paper, then end up actually deciding what I would like to blog about.

I find myself thinking of post ideas at the randomest of times. Because of this, I use the notes app in my phone to keep an ongoing list of blog post ideas. This makes it easy for me to quickly keep note of any ideas that come up throughout the day when my computer or a notebook isn’t nearby. If you want to learn more about apps to keep notes in click here


  • To help diminish the last minute scramblings of thinking of blog post ideas, I have recently begun to use an editorial calendar. If you are unfamiliar with the term, an editorial calendar is basically a calendar with a set schedule of blog post ideas. This way you always know what you’ll be blogging about on each given day (and hopefully) will never be in a last minute rut debating what to post about.


My favorite part of my blogging process is writing the actual blog post itself. I have a much easier time getting my thoughts down with a pen and piece of paper than I do with a screen and keyboard. I enjoy writing most in the morning, I try to get up pretty early each day. You can probably imagine that the morning is usually when it’s the quietest in the college setting, you’re right. (I get distracted easily in loud settings). After I get all of my thoughts down on paper, I’ll head over to the computer and type them all out. After I have my thoughts typed out in front of me, I’ll usually leave it as is. I don’t go back to edit or revise my posts until about a day later. I do this because I like to see my work with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Editing is pretty boring, I won’t lie. I just reread over the post a bunch of times and try my best to catch any grammatical mistakes or funky sentences. An awesome editing tip that I learned in one of my composition classes is to read the work backwards. Not literally backwards, that would be tough, wouldn’t it? What I mean is,  backward as in reading the last paragraph all the way to the first rather than the first to the last. Does that make sense?


What’s a blog post without some cute pictures and graphics to go along with it? I use sites like Canva or Picmonkey to create my graphics- both of which are free! Canva is my favorite graphic creating site because it allows you to save previous templates. This lets me go back to them in the future with just a few simple clicks. For pictures, I usually stick to my own or head over to sites like Unsplash, which is basically like a database for pictures that photographers will willingly let you to your own desire.


After I finish writing, typing, editing, and reviewing my blog post, I’ll go ahead and publish it! After publishing comes the promotion part. My favorite promotional tool is Hootsuite. This free website allows you to schedule social media postings. For example, when I create a new blog post, I’ll head over to Hootsuite and schedule it to be tweeted five times that day. I also use Pinterest as a promotional tool, it is one of my blog’s greatest traffic sources. Lately, I have been trying to figure out StumbleUpon. A TON of people have told me so many positive


What is your blogging process? Do you have a blogging routine or do you just kind of do your own thing with each of your posts?