CURRENTLY: January 2016

Hello world! Today’s post is one of my all time favorites to write. You can check out my last post like this here. Without further a do, let’s get started….





This is a quick look back on my life throughout the month of January. Here’s what I’ve been …


DREAMING// About what this semester is going to be like! Syllabus week just ended Friday and I am definitely nervous for some of the classes I’m taking! I’m hoping that a little bit of extra time spent at the library can work some magic though.

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

WATCHING// The snow fall! As soon as I got back up to college it has been snowing everyday. I really do love the snow, just not when I have to trek through it to get to class.


EATING// Gross dining hall food. It hasn’t set in yet that I’ll be stuck eating this food for a couple of months. 🙁

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

MISSING// My parents, friends from home, and my dog.


WANTING// A “Love Your Melon” hat! The goal of this company is to give back beanies/hats to kids with cancer! Every time you purchase a beanie from this company, a child fighting cancer gets one as well!


PLANNING// A few different routines to beat the crazy workload that I’ll be having this semester.

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

READING// A textbook about teenagers! For those of you who weren’t aware, I am currently studying to become a high school English teacher. For one of my classes, we are learning about teenagers- ya’ know, all that gross stuff like puberty.


TALKING// About how hopeful I am for a good Spring 2016 semester.


SPENDING// What feels like my life savings on textbooks. I really do think that it is insane how much these books cost. Like hello professors, don’t you know that I am a broke college student?!


FEELING// Anxious to get out of my comfort zone and travel the world.

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

WEARING// Right now? I’m in my comfiest PJs wrapped up in a blanket. Otherwise? Some of my new Free People shirts that I was lucky enough to get for Christmas and my birthday.


ENJOYING// Waking up early most days and taking some time to write. I usually write out blog posts or I just let my thoughts run on paper. It’s actually really relaxing and has become one of my favorite parts of each morning.


DRINKING// Lots of coffee. But then again, what else is new?

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

NEEDING// More coffee.


LISTENING// To some awesome tunes from my workout playlist. I have ben going to the gym a ton lately and compiled the greatest (or at least that’s what I think) workout playlist. Check it out here. ***INSERt WRKOUT PLAYLIST LINK


LOOKING// At flight rates across the world every day. Why are flights so crazy expensive and why can’t I drop out of college to travel the world?!

CURRENTLY: January 2016- sincerelykenz

Man, I feel like the month of January fleeeeeew by. What did you feel throughout the month of January?