Dorm Décor: The “Simple” Look

Hey guys! So its official I am on day two of my goal this week; to create a blog post everyday!

Today I wanted to talk about a big topic that seems to be floating around the blogging community now that school is officially out: college!

I think one of my favorite things about going to college was that I had the option to decide what my “new” dorm room would look like!


Initially my dream dorm room was decorated from ceiling to floor in an array of bright colors with pictures of my friends plastered on every square inch of the walls. After living with that chaos for a year I came to the conclusion that in a college dorm room less is better.


If your college is anything like mine, the dorm rooms are small… like really small. Having a crazily patterned bedspread and pictures of you and your friends all over the walls can get really cluttered looking really fast.


About midyear I began to feel like my room was overwhelming, it was jam-packed with so many decorations and pictures that I couldn’t really ever feel relaxed in it. (one of the major things you’re supposed to be able to do in the comfort of your own room)


To solve this problem I obviously had to go on Pinterest for hours on end and create the perfect “simple” dorm room.


After pin after pin after pin, I have come to realize that my ideal “simple” college dorm room is not really that hard to create at all (after all it is supposed to be simple). I think the most important factor of a dorm room is your bed. We sleep a lot, and you want to be comfortable while doing it. I don’t know about you guys but my bed is my favorite place to hang out and being extra cozy in it is very important to me. A plain covered bed spread with fun pillows and a TON of blankets is a simple look but at the same time serves as a super comfy place to hang out and sleep. Plain bedspreads can be found pretty much anywhere. I know that you can get plain colored duvet covers for really cheap at Target!


Another thing that I think makes a college dorm room less cluttered but still cuter than ever is a tapestry! You can find these pretty much anywhere. I’ve found that the most elaborate, absolutely beautiful ones can be purchased at Urban Outfitters, but you can also find these bad boys on a bunch of different sites like Etsy and even Amazon.


The last product that I think every dorm room needs to create that simple, cozy, less cluttered feeling is string lights! These can also be found almost anywhere. Last year target had a bunch of really cute different styled string lights specifically for dorms, and I’m sure they’ll have them again this year- so be on the lookout!


I thought I would share my amazing dorm finds with you guys so you can get as excited as I am for having a less cluttered, simple dorm room next year:



Dorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” LookDorm Décor: The “Simple” Look

Dorm Décor: The “Simple” Look


I feel like I could go on and on about dorm room styles and different dorm room décor, but then this post would take you ten years to read. Let me know if you guys liked this post or if I should make another post similar to this one!


Hope you all enjoyed this and found it helpful. I strongly encourage you to take the simple route rather than the off the wall route when it comes to planning and decorating your college dorm room!

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  • Rob Dudley

    Great post babe! I’m definitely going to use the duvet idea this year

  • I never stayed in a dorm room when I went to college, I love all these ideas though. I love the idea of lights, that is one trend I think I would love to jump on board with.

    • lights are awesome! they make the room so much more “cozier” (I really don’t think thats a word haha) and relaxed! xx

  • The simple route is definitely the way to go. When I moved out of my first dorm room, I realized how much stuff I had never even touched! I move into an apartment in August and want it to be simplistic as possible. You should share some of your dorm room pics in August when you move in 🙂

    • ah thats awesome! I want to move off campus so bad but I can’t until I’m an official junior. but I definitely will post some new dorm pictures next semester!

  • Those dorm rooms look awesome!! *-* I’m definitely all over the simple ones though–minimalism makes life so, so much easier when you’re always moving around!

    I love those lights + the pictures on clothespins!

  • Ellen Smith

    Those dorm rooms look amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I think simple is really the way to go. I just need to get a lot of pillows now. I think fairy lights can make a place look great too! I have just signed a lease to an apartment so I have a lot of decorating to do. 🙂


  • I love decorating my room, it’s so fun to do and it’s so important to put that care and effort into a room we spend such valuable time in! I loooove all of those dorm rooms you shared, especially the second one as I love the rug on the wall! Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration 🙂

    • I totally agree with you! you might as well invest time and effort into the room that you’ll be spending so much time in! and thank you for reading 🙂

  • I agree, simple is the way to go in a dorm!!! These are adorable 🙂

  • Christie Geiger

    Wow, amazing dorm decor! I never lived in a dorm- just an off-campus apartment, but I swear it never looked so fab!

    The Closet by Christie