Ever Wonder What You’re Actually Eating?

are you really sure about what you're eating? - sincerelykenzSomething  I personally always have trouble understanding is the correct serving size for different foods and what moderations I should be eating them in.


While spending a couple  10+ hours on Pinterest yesterday, I found some super helpful charts which depict the number of foods you should be eating in a day as well as the correct serving sizes you should be eating them in! I guess you can basically call me an expert on serving sizes and moderations now ;).


One thing that I bet you didn’t know is that the dining halls on college campuses actually give students the  serving sizes of foods that they should be eating. Crazy right!! I’m always the girl complaining about how small the portion sizes are, when in reality the correct serving size is what’s being given to me. This  is definitely something to keep in mind when eating in the dining hall and going up for seconds…or thirds.


Wondering what a serving size looks like? Have no fear! My Pinterest  addiction is here to help you- Check out these nifty charts I stumbled upon when spending some time on Pinterest :

are you really sure about what you're eating? - sincerelykenz are you really sure about what you're eating? - sincerelykenz are you really sure about what you're eating? - sincerelykenz

If you’re looking to “eyeball measure” a serving for yourself, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • A clenched fist is about the same size as 1 cup.
  • A large-cupped handful is about the same size as a 1/4 cup.

Going along with this, you should be having approximately this much of each food every day:

*keep in mind that some of this information is different for everyone, and that this is just an approximation!*

  • A hands worth full of bread.
  • Palms worth full of protein.
  • A fist worth full of vegetables, rice, fruits, or pasta.
  • A fingertips worth of fats.


While this sounds all good and dandy, I think it would be kind of tough to actually precisely stick to these  measurements/serving sizes every day. Eating healthy is tough, I’ll probably be over here eating my body weight in ice cream and bagels instead.