Ever feel like your life is cluttered, messy, or just all over the place in general? I’m no professional, and I definitely feel this way more often than not. BUT, with that being said, I like to think that I have developed some pretty helpful coping mechanisms for when life starts to feel this way.


Most people feel the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster every once in a while. In fact, it’s kind of hard to avoid. Life has a funny way of falling into place and then suddenly without warning, turning itself completely upside down.


As they would say in Prague: To je Život (happy to let you all know that I learned at least some Czech during my time living here thus far). This can be translated to, “that’s life”. I like this lil’ quote because it’s applicable to all the ups and downs that life throws at us. Not to mention that I feel like a super sassy local every time I say it.


Whatever it may be that is affecting your life in a not-so-positive way, just know that life gets cluttered for everyone at times, it’s inevitable.   Feeling like your life is messy is something that comes and goes like the wind blows- bad analogy… sorry.


Because this feeling comes and goes so often, it’s something that can be fixed by a variety of different things. For me, it’s always different. Rather than dwelling on what exactly it is that’s making your life feel cluttered, try to implement some fairly easy habits and mindsets to get your life back on track.


Here are a few of the things I tend to find myself doing when life gets a bit too hectic for me to handle:



I guess this could be comparable to any tough quiz, test, or confusing math problem. Think this is another bad analogy? Here me out…. Usually,we tend to take some time, and evaluate all of the different parts of the question before we dive in and actually try to solve it.


Spend some time with yourself and evaluate exactly what it is about your current situation in life that is either a) stressing you out, or b) falling short of making you happy.


I like to think of this as a puzzle: finding and piecing together the first few parts of a puzzle can only lead you towards completing the puzzle as a whole. I genuinely think that taking time to establish whatever it is that is throwing your life off track, and then further aiming to fix the issue can go a very long way.



Literally… chill out and relax- chillax.


One of the other things I tend to do when life starts taking its crazy, unpredictable course is chill out and relax. That’s right ladies and gents, I chillax. When the stress of life gets to be the slightest bit overwhelming, taking a few deep breaths and relaxing, for even something as short as 5-10 minutes helps a ton. When I’m chillaxin’, I usually stray from social media, pamper myself a bit extra, and spend some time doing things that bring my pure happiness.




Utilizing a planner as an organization tool when stressed is something that is quite obvious. With that being said, when my life begins to feel a bit out of whack I like to plan future events and things of that matter. Setting goals motivates me to work towards my current goals as well as establish my future goals.



No I really don’t mean extra fries…it is scientifically proven that exercising produces endorphins. These lil’ guys aid in happiness and mood boosting. Burning calories and leaving the gym with a smile on your face is a win in my book. Going for a run is one of my favorite things to do when I need a bit of time to clear my mind.



Ever think that your life might not feel right because it needs some adjustments? I guess this kind of goes hand in hand with what I had first mentioned about the idea of evaluating your life. If there are any specific things that are obviously impacting your life in a negative way get rid of them immediately. Life is too short to be unhappy.


What do you do when your life is feeling a bit hazy? Let me know in the comments below.