How To Find College Textbooks For CHEAP


Good morning party people and happy Friday! I am currently typing this post at a local library because the power in my neighborhood decided to go out this evening (it’s Wednesday btw). I guess it wasn’t the power’s choice to go out, but for whatever reason, my house has no power and I am not a happy camper. It is kind of sad, though. It really puts into perspective how much we/I need technology these days.


For those of you who don’t know,which is probably most of you besides my parents- Hi mom, Hi dad, I have been working two jobs this summer. If all goes well, I will be studying abroad in the Spring of the upcoming year and I wanted to pick up an extra job so that I would have enough money to do everything that I wanted to do. That being said, I work a LOT. Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this blog post…


I wanted to take a quick second to complain about how expensive college textbooks are.  Here I am working two jobs, trying to save up for something and I have to spend over 300 dollars on stupid college textbooks. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that tuition is already a ton of money- textbooks should seriously be included.. am I right?!


Becuase I am so cheap and hate forking over a ton of money each semester for my college textbooks, I have done a bit of research and have found some awesome resources for saving a couple pretty pennies on textbooks.  Here are a few of my tips and tricks :



Unless you are positive… like REALLY positive that you’ll need to use the same book/s for more than one semester, do not buy them! New textbooks are usually very expensive, and by the time you want to sell them back to your school or any other textbook company, you usually get less than half of what you originally paid. Renting textbooks is a great alternative because of this. Most rental websites will send you emails notifying you when it is time to return your textbook and make it very simple for you to get the shipping label and actually go through the process of shipping the book back. Chegg and Amazon Rentals, are  usually my go to websites for renting my books.



Chances are if you are all studying at the same college there has to be at least one other person on campus who has taken the class that you are currently taking. A great way to snag textbooks for cheap is to ask around on campus and try to purchase it from a fellow student. As college students, we’re all in the same boat so, for the most part, your classmates will probably cut you some slack on the price of the book. Most colleges have Facebook groups for each graduating class level. I know at my college, a ton of people post about textbooks that they are either looking for or are selling in these groups. For the most part, most students are negotiable.



Similar to the whole asking around to buy textbooks from other students on your campus comes actually purchasing a textbook with a friend or classmate. After a while, you learn who has the same major as you because they’ll usually be in a bunch of your classes. Unless you NEED to use a given textbook every night, splitting the price of one between the two of you can save you some both some cha-ching.



Sometimes ( a lot of times) the textbooks that professors make you buy aren’t even actually needed. I have had a few classes where I didn’t even open up the textbook once throughout the whole semester. This can be frustrating because sometimes the books are actually a LOT of money. It is basically like throwing your money out the window. For some of my classes, I wait until the first or second week of class to actually decide whether or not I want/need to purchase the textbook.



Ask around and see if anyone else has taken the class you are taking before, ask and see if you really actually need the textbook. if you are only going to use it once or twice throughout the whole semester, it is not worth purchasing it- you can just head to the library and can probably  find it there. RateMyProfessor is also a great website for this, you can read reviews from students who have previously taken the class with the given professor. Most of the reviews usually contain a small “yes” or “no” box for whether or not  you actually need to purchase the textbook for the class.




There are so many websites, forums, and a bunch of other things out there that can be to your benefit to take a look at. One of my favorite places to find cheap books is SlugBooks. SlugBooks is a website that shows you a ton of different options for buying a given textbook. You type in the title of the book in the search bar and the website will categorize where you can buy the book based on a low to high price scale. This website is seriously awesome because it cuts a lot of time off when it comes to looking for cheap books. ThriftBooks is also another awesome website for buying cheap books. One of my best friends from school actually introduced me to this website and it has been so awesome. The name of the website is pretty self-explanatory, it’s basically a bunch of books that are used but really cheap! The books are in awesome quality as well.



I hope this lil’ blog post helps at least some of you when it comes time to buy the dreaded college textbooks- wishing you all a safe and happy weekend! Talk to ya’ on Monday!