How To Find Happiness Everyday


Picture yourself 20 years from now. Maybe you have a family, a house, and some type of professional job. There are probably other things that you will be yearning for at this age as well. Maybe a high paying job, your dream home, and a bunch of materialistic items that you have always wanted. But- don’t you think those first few things I listed are a bit more important than the second group of things that I listed?


You see, we often set goals for ourselves and work so so hard for them, but in reality our goals are kind of far fetched. In our minds, we claim things like “I’ll be happy when I achieve ______” , or something like, “I will be satisfied when I get ___________”. We set these goals for ourselves, but these goals are ultimately shielding all of the wholesome things that life is already presenting us with. When we make goals like this, and continue to wish and wish and wish for things- we’re not noticing the happiness that is already flooded around us each and every day.


I think it’s time that we begin to start living in the now, and start taking the small bits of happiness that is given to us every day into consideration. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to look back on my life when I am old and gray and think about everything that I missed because I was so busy trying to achieve a certain goal.


I won’t lie; I am guilty of setting such drastic goals for myself like these. I am guilty of wanting things and thinking having them would lead me to happiness. But, what I really do want is to stop missing out on the small aspects of life because I am so busy searching for happiness in other things.


Life is happening everyday- in fact; it is passing you by as you read this. Beautiful moments are unfolding right in front of you every single day. But we’re often so busy trying to chase some unattainable perception of perfection that we miss all the good stuff.


Think about all of your “bad days” and how easily they could have been turned around if you had just focused on the little things in life that cause you joy- like treating yourself to your favorite latte, passing by a feriocuuoisly happy dog on the street, or getting a nice text message from someone who loves you.


So how can you enjoy the little things in life while your mind is racing in circles around the big things that you hope to one day achieve?


Well, it’s different for everyone. For some of us that might mean stopping to take in the smell of fresh grass on your way to work, for others that may mean celebrating the little things, that still add up to mean a lot- like job promotion, loosing a pound, or getting a good grade on an upcoming exam.


Everyone has a different definition of happiness, but no matter what it can be attained in some type of way. If we continue to want and want and want, we are going to loose the little things in life that are surrounding us each day. So, whatever happiness looks like to you, keep trying to attain it- I hope you don’t let it pass you by.