first post! hello world!

Welcome to my realm of inner thoughts.

I’m the girl, Kenzie. I’m a seventeen year old from Long Island and am currently Processed with Rookie   working on achieving my goals of becoming a full time English teacher and part time journalist at a college in upstate New York- very interesting, I know.

The Basics:

Loves: Bruce Springsteen, warm weather, fuzzy socks, spending time with my best friend and boyfriend-Roberto, drawing, taco bell, the color yellow, Reese’s peanut butter cups, dogs, basketball, fresh flowers, pumpkin spice lattes, long hair, surprises, being tan, Elvis Presley, the.perfect Pandora station, Pinterest, mac and cheese, alone time, freshly baked cookies, and happy .people.

Not A Fan: Negative people, salads, cats, cold toes, grape soda, the color pink, pre-calc, the
sound of vacuums, running out of chap stick, sunscreen, and pistachio ice cream


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