Fitbit Alta Review

whats all the hype about the fitbit- sincerelykenzWhen I was first looking to purchase a “tracking” bracelet, (I really don’t know what else to call them), I did a TON of research. These bracelets aren’t exactly cheap and I didn’t want to spend my money on something that wasn’t worth it. After a ton of research I found that the JawBone was the best bang for my buck…. so I thought anyway. Long story short, I bought the JawBone UP2 and it sucked. It fell off of my wrist anytime I did any form of exercise and aside from its appearance, there wasn’t really too much to it.


I eventually returned the UP2 and bought a FitBit Flex instead. The Fitbit totally blew the Jawbone out of the water, and I am so glad that I purchased it instead. The differences between the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone UP2 were small but noteworthy. I guess the most important difference was that the Fitbit actually stayed on my wrist. I wrote a whole blog post on these two bracelets so if you are interested feel free to  learn more about them by reading it here.


I rocked the Fitbit Flex from the day I bought it until about a week ago when I was introduced to the Fitbit Alta. I’m not usually big on spending money and the Fitbit Flex was working just fine, but because I use my Flex so much I felt that buying the Alta would be a good investment. I was right about this  (I’m always right) because the Alta is seriously awesome.


As I said before, when I was looking to buy a tracking/fitness bracelet I did a ton of research prior to actually purchasing it. I wanted to share my honest opinion and thoughts about the Fitbit Alta so that I could help any of you who are looking to buy the same product.


The Alta is about thirty dollars more than the Flex– the Flex being $100 and the Alta being $130. Similar to the Flex, the Alta comes in a series of different colors. Blue, teal, black, and silver are just a few. I opted to purchase the black primarily because I feel that it goes with everything and is simple enough for everyday wear. You also have the ability to change the color of your band if you desire to do so. Bands are sold as separate pieces at stores like Target, Walmart, and even Amazon.

whats all the hype about the fitbit- sincerelykenz

When taking a look at the Fitbit Alta, it definitely is a bit different from the Flex. The Alta is thinner and looks a lot more appealing than the Flex. The Alta also has an OLED screen that the Flex didn’t have.  One aspect of the bracelet that I found to be important was the closure because duh, you don’t want this dang thing flying off your wrist all the time. No worries, though, I found that the closure on the Alta is the same as the Flex and works just as great as it did on the Flex.


The screen on the Alta is known as the “tap display” and by tapping it with your finger, a series of different things pop up.  Tapping the screen twice will allow you to see the date and time. Each tap after that will show you stats such as your steps, your calories burned, the miles you have walked, and the amount of exercise you have completed.  A new feature also allows you to get text and calendar notifications on the OLED screen. I personally didn’t care for this feature and chose to turn it off.


The app for the Alta is the same as it was for the Flex. All of Fitbit’s bracelets connect to the same app. The app is awesome and has tools that track your sleep, track your calories, and even a “coach” section to help you achieve your fitness goals. The Fitbit app is constantly being updated and changed, I have never had any problems with it yet!


Overall, I think the Alta is a great step up from the older, Flex. I totally recommend investing in this bad boy if you are willing to use it regularly…. It’s not really worth the money if you are only going to use it every once in a while.


I  hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and that this post helped any of you who are looking to purchase a tracking/fitness bracelet!