Out of all of the social media outlets that are prevalent at this point in time, Instagram is by far my favorite. I personally think that Instagram is the most creative of Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Whether you utilize Instagram for personal use, or for a company or business, it is can provide you with a vast amount of exposure, and lead you to an extreme amount of success.


Believe it or not, a ton of companies pay influencers to collaborate with them through Instagram. Companies generally look for users who have a vast amount of followers, and an actively engaged audience.


Both of these things are easily attainable if you work for them. I personally increased my Instagram following by almost a thousand through the course of about 6 months. While this may seem like a long time, the work I put in to achieve this has helped me score more sponsorship opportunities and a greater chance of being seen by others.


Here are my go to ways to gain followers and a more active audience on Instagram:



Hashtags are awesome ways to connect with other users on Instagram who share similar posts to yours. Hashtags are like a door to promotion, and allow users to easily have access to your posts. Hashtags are also an awesome way to work in communities. If there is one thing I have learned from blogging so far, it is how important communities are. Think about it, you can only do so many things by yourself. Buttttttt, when people who are constantly supporting you, and sharing the same goals as you surround you, the possibilities are endless.


There are a million Hashtags out there. I personally utilize some of the ones that other lifestyle bloggers use as well. This allows me to connect with other bloggers and companies that are in my niche.Here are my top uses for Hashtags:










An important aspect of Hashtags is to utilize the ones that are used most often. I know, this sounds a bit odd, but using popular Hashtags actually does make sense. The more popular the Hashtag is, the more people are searching it. Utilizing popular Hashtags will give you the opportunity for a greater reach.



Wishing for your followers to engage with you while you’re not making any effort to engage with them isn’t exactly fair, is it? It’s important to comment and like other people’s posts. Sharing your insightful opinions about other people’s profiles will put your name out there (giving you more reach)  and will also encourage the users to connect with you in return. I found that searching for Hashtags, which are relevant to my profile and commenting/liking, those photos were the most beneficial when I was trying to gain a stronger audience.


Strategically following accounts that have similar posts as you is another way to gain an engrossed audience on your posts. To achieve this, I usually head to a Instagram user with a strong following, and click “profiles similar to this” under his or her username. This allows me to follow users that have profiles just like mine, and will give me a greater chance of getting people to follow my profile in return for my following of theirs.



Like most other things in life, creating a schedule that is pinpointed and planned precisely will help you a LOT. If I have the time, I will usually try to plan out my posts weekly prior to actually posting them. Posting every day on Instagram is harder than you think! It’s definitely tough to generate new content daily, so I would recommend spending some time planning out your posts to ensure that you are posting every day. Websites such as Buffer and Latergram are both great tools to schedule your Instagram postings.




People will agree and disagree with this, but I think that having an Instagram “theme” is extremely beneficial. I personally have a white theme on my profile, and believe it or not, it is tough to maintain! But, I have learned that when I am contacted for most sponsorship opportunities, it is usually because of the theme that I utilize. Having a theme for your profile gives your page a more professional feel, and makes everything come together in a much more organized way.Creating a theme for your profile is not very hard, you simply have to decide on a few filters, and edit all of your posts the same way.