Get Back Supply Co.

Guess what day it is! Hump dayyyyy! Hope you guys are having an awesome week so far and are enjoying your summer to the fullest! I am sososo excited for today’s post because I am working with a company that I really like!


The name of the company is Get Back Supply Co. and they have some pretty awesome products. Most of the products that this company produces revolve around St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel. Although the necklaces that I’ll be talking about today are my personal favorites, Get Back Supply Co. also sells other products such as key chains, anklets and bracelets.

The two necklaces that I have received are both the Kelly Green Small Silver Plated Necklace and the Baby Blue Medium Silver Plated Necklace.

Get Back Supply Co- SincerelykenzGet Back Supply Co- Sincerelykenz

Get Back Supply Co- Sincerelykenz

These necklaces are awesome because you can wear them with anything. They are also super unique and symbolize a patron saint, and who doesn’t want to be protected by a patron saint every day of their lives!?


If you guys are feeling jazzy and want to purchase this awesome necklace the discount code in the picture below will give you 10 percent off your order!

Get Back Supply Co- SincerelykenzGet Back Supply Co- Sincerelykenz

I hope you guys have a fantabulous day and take a minute to check out this awesome company and all of the great products they produce!

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