Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Mothers Day eating a fancy brunch or something #jealous. Anyways, unfortunately, I can’t be home with my mom on Mother’s Day this year because I have a bunch of finals tomorrow 🙁

Wishing my super-awesome-fabulous mumzie the best of Mother’s Days even though I can’t be there with her!

Here’s a list of 20 things that I’m lucky enough to thank my mom for

  1. For making sure I had my fancy black and white outfit for all of the horrible 8th grade band concerts.
  2. For driving me to and from practice every day of the week from middle school up until high school.
  3. For making sure every year on my birthday fresh Cinnabuns are waiting for me on the counter when I wake up.
  4. For the whole birth thing- I hear that sucks.
  5. For letting me know when it was time to start wearing deodorant so I didn’t smell- I still smell most of the time though, what can I say I’m just a sweaty person I guess :/
  6. For making sure my jersey was clean in time for the game the next day.
  7. For making sure my clothes were clean in general.
  8. For simply inspiring me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be.
  9. For allowing me to drive her car again even though I once crashed it into a tree. (oops)
  10. For supporting me in everything I do, no matter what.
  11. For being my biggest fan at all of the high school games, even if it was just to watch me sit on the bench for an hour and a half.
  12. For being the boss of the house.
  13. For making sure I had a “real dinner” every night… because apparently ice cream isn’t “real dinner”… who knew?
  14. For making sure my house is the cleanest and the most beautifully decorated out of all of my friends.
  15. For giving me my brother, who I may or may not have once wished to sell and now am happy to have him.
  16. For being able to deal with Frank’s “butterflies”.
  17. For being right no matter what…. even in situations where I really wish she wasn’t.
  18. For always doing her best to keep me up with the latest fashion, even in the 6th grade when you had to wear everything Hollister- you best believe that is not cheap.
  19. For dealing with my 20 texts a day asking her to send pictures of my dog to me when I’m away at school.
  20. For being the kind of person that I actually do want to become — because after all, it’s inevitable.






Hope you all have a great day!

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