Happy to be alive, because: Home.Cisco.Sunshine & Tacos

Happy to be alive this week, because: Home.Cisco.Sunshine & Tacos

 1. Home:

-This week is my college’s spring break and it has been totally awesome to just be able to do nothing. This is one of the first weeks that I actually am not swamped with homework; it was much needed and is so relaxing. Home= lots of pizza, bagels and binge watching The Walking Dead. I also got to celebrate my dad and Cisco’s birthday with them!


2. This little guy: 

-Meet cisco. We rescued him from an abusive household and he’s awesome. Only 1 years old, he’s a little crazy; but besides constantly stealing all of my things I’ve loved hanging out with him this whole week… never a dull moment with this dude.


3. This weather:

-It’s finally starting to get nice out and I love love love it! Nothing better than being able to say goodbye to the ugly snow and hello to the beautiful sunshine! This morning me and Cisco went on a walk at the beach and it was so nice to finally be outside without seventeen layers on or having to worry whether my toes were gonna fall off because of the cold.


4. Tacos:

-Lets be honest, when do tacos not make you happy to be alive?!


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