How To Have A Productive Sunday

How To Have A Productive Sunday- sinceelykenz

I think it’s safe to say that we all know the saying,  “Sundays are for sleeping”. I would love to live my life by this mantra, but it’s kind of tough to do this if you’re a college student who procrastinates and leaves everything until the last minute (A.K.A: me).


Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could solely leave my Sunday for sleeping only, but that just isn’t realistic for me. I’ve learned that a productive Sunday can lead to a productive week.


My first step to having a productive Sunday is to wake up early. Get ready to throw  your lovely “Sundays are for sleeping” mantra out the window because waking up early is one of the easiest ways to have a productive day. Get your tush out of bed at a reasonable time and get your day started.


This leads me to my next point, I always start my day by creating a list. I plan out my days in my planner, but any piece of paper works fine. I usually split my day up into three different categories:

  • What NEEDS to get done
  • What I would really like to get done
  • What isn’t necessarily urgent, but I really should get started on 

For example: 

How To Have A Productive Sunday- sinceelykenz

After completing as much as I possibly can (we all know that feeling you get when you cross off something on your to-do list), I plan out my upcoming week. As a college student, things can get pretty stressful pretty quickly.I do this to ensure that I don’t forget any assignment deadlines or commitments that are important.

How To Have A Productive Sunday- sinceelykenz

My last Sunday ritual is to give myself a little “spa treatment”. I wrap up my Sundays by taking a long shower, using a face mask, and painting my nails. I have been using the LUSH Coffee face mask by the way and it is MAGICAL.


I really believe that a good Sunday can lead to a good week, what do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead?