Happy hump day people! I’ve never been happier for a week to be halfway over in my life. Like I mentioned in my last post, college has definitely been kicking my butt lately. I think my professors all get together and make SURE that they can all give me the most work on the same days. They collaborate to make my life hard or something, its actually kind of creepy.

I’m still questioning if spring is even a thing anymore? Its been snowing for the past three days and let me tell you… I am not a happy camper. I’m just wondering where the sun is and why it’s so afraid to come out. It’s been a loooooong winter and I am so so SO ready for spring days- but real spring days… not these rainy snowy days that call themselves spring days even though they’re really not. Pretty sure that’s identity theft, just saying.


Although last week was just as stressful as this one, I did end it on a good note! Rob’s mom and sister came up and we all went snowboarding together! It was awesome to get away from the stress of school and assignments for a day, much needed.






I’m pretty excited for this weekend also….Easter! Even though I really wish I could go home to spend some time with my parents and this little guy





I decided that it doesn’t really make sense to drive ten hours for not even a full two days home, so instead I’m going to be spending Easter at my friend’s house, she only lives two hours away from campus! I’m a little bummed I won’t be home but I know that I’ll have an awesome time at my friend’s house and I’m pretty excited to go there.


Happy to say that the week is looking up… I can’t wait to be done with all these crazy assignments and tests and be able to just relax for a little while.


Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week 🙂


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