Hello, beautiful human beings of the internet, happy Hump DayYyYyYyY!!!!! To be completely honest with you all, I am so surprised that I survived the first half of this week. I have had a crazy amount of homework lately and for some reason, I just can’t seem to catch myself up with everything that I need to do. So

So naturally I figured I might as well spend my time blogging rather than getting a head start on my homework that’s due tonight… priorities people, priorities. I recently saw someone in the  library reading a book that I have been wanting to get my hands on for a while now. This instantly gave me the idea to create a blog post with a list of inpsiring books that millenials should read.

English major over here blogging about books that she wants to read. Sounds typical right?! Wrong. I have been eyeing these books for quite some time now but literally, have to read a TON of required books for my classes every night.  Don’t get me wrong, the classes I am in are interesting and so are the books that I have to read for them buuuuuuut sometimes you want to read a book of your choice, not one that your professor assigns you. My goal is to read all of these books during my winter break off of college


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZYou Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

This is an awesome book ( see what I did there? 😉 ) for people who need a lil’ work on their confidence, or just want to improve their life in general. This book has been on the NY Times Best Seller list and is basically like a giant “how to” guide for being… well,  awesome. Jen Sincero, the author of this book, is a life coach who wrote this book to help people find and identify themselves throuhgout the crazy roller coaster of life.





Are you even a blogger if you haven’t read this book?! No, I’m only kidding but almost every blogger I know has this book! The author of this book writes about her journey, and how she worked her way up to be where she is today. Sophia Amoruso grew up in a bad area and was not exactly a poster child.  She committed a lot of crimes and was often found dumpster diving or hitchhiking on the side of the road. Amoruso is now one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world and can be attributed for NASTY GAL, a 100 million+ fashion retailer. The key takeaway from this book is that how successful you become has nothing to do with where you went to high school or what college you attended. Amoruso wants readers to understand that your success is on you. However much work you put into yourself is exactly what you will get out of yourself.


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZLeave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

This book isn’t really strictly about anything inspirational but is a great pick for anyone who has a business or blog that they want to work on. Leave Your Mark is full of “real talk” from an author who has seen it all. The author of this book is the global fashion communication executive…. think of PR queen and Twitter superstar and yep, that’s her. This book can be utilized as an aid for those who need a bit of guidance when it comes to kicking off their business and kickstarting their career. Definitely an inspirational read for those of us who need a bit of work with any type of buissness or career journey.


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZMake it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

Make It Happen is a story for anyone who is looking to enhance their life. If you want to become something greater than you are, or want to take the next big step with whatever it is you’re working on, this is the book for you. This cultivating read is about breaking down fears, working hard, and achieving greatness. Author, Lara Casey writes:

“Make It Happen is the story of how I surrendered my fear, took the leap, and got a life. In my case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. This is the story of how I chose to make “it”―a greater purpose than mine―happen, and how you can too.”




This book was written to inspire readers to fulfil their dreams of living creative, positive lives. If you are looking to change the way you live and add positive aspects to your life, this is the book for you. The author of this book gets into the deep aspects of how she achieves creativity; she writes through a unique lens that shows readers what it is like to utilise creativity in every aspect of life. This book features a series of tips and tricks on how to utilize creativity in our lives every day and the attitude and approaches we need for certain situations to maintain a positive mindset.



INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZYear of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

Whenever I hear about this book my mind ALWAYS jumps back to that Jim Carey movie where he is required to say yes to everything for the rest of his life. I can’t even begin to think of anything close to what the name of this movie is, but it cracks me up every time. ANYWAY, this book is about taking any opportunity that comes your way and always saying “yes” when you can. This book is actually written by Greys Anatomy producer, Shonda Rhimes. In the book, she writes about what her life was like before she took opportunities that came her way, and before she said “yes” to everything.

“This wildly candid and compulsively readable book reveals how the mega talented Shonda Rhimes finally achieved badassery worthy of a Shondaland character”



Why Not Me?

Mindy Kaling is probably one of my favorite actresses. For those of you who live under a rock, Mindy Kaling starred as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, which is arguably one of the best TV shows to ever be produced. In her book, Mindy writes about her journey to find peace and happiness in her adult life. I find Mindy Kaling to be hilarious, and this is evident throughout her book. Mindy’s book was numer 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List for quite sometime and still has very positive reviews to this day. If you are looking for an inspirational read, with some humourus aspects, this is the book for you.




Have you read any of these books? Do you have any ideas that you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the coments below! I hope you all have a fantastic hump day and as always, be sure to come back Friday for another post!