Jawbone UP2 vs. FitBit Flex

Recently, I purchased the Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker. I had wanted a fitness tracker for a pretty long time and in the beginning of the summer told myself that if I saved a certain amount of money in the bank- I would buy one for myself.

After what I thought was enough research to make my mind set (I later found that I was wrong about this), I went ahead and decided to purchase the Jawbone UP2. The biggest concern I had when I started thinking about buying a fitness tracker was whether I should go with the Jawbone or Fitbit. In the end, I chose the Jawbone because I liked the look a bit better and felt that ultimately, it did everything that the FitBit did. After only a short amount of time, I fell in love with the stinkin’ thing. I was wearing it everyday and utilizing every feature that it held. I was so set that this was the best fitness tracker out there and was recommending it to everyone I knew.


Here’s where I was wrong- after about a month of use, the bracelet began falling off my wrist AT LEAST once a day. Now, I know 100 dollars isn’t a lot of money for some people, but for this girl it’s a big chunk of change to possibly just fall off of my wrist.

After a ton of more research, I went back to the store (I got it at Target, naturally) and exchanged my Jawbone for a Fitbit Flex. Both of these products were $99 dollars, and from my research, both did the same things.

I have only been using my new FitBit for about a week now and I can totally see everything that the Jawbone was lacking in comparison to it.


Let me break it down for you:



I really really really thought the Jawbone looked better than the FitBit. The particular model I bought was very thin and was much more appealing to me than the FitBit’s bulkier look.


Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-

FitBit:Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-

 Everyday Wear:

While both the FitBit and the Jawbone are a bit water resistant, I later found out the FitBit is actually waterproof in waters with 3 or less feet depth. The Jawbone on the other hand is only shower, sweat, and splash resistant. The Jawbone stays secure (or is supposed to at least) on your wrist with a sort of hook on clasp. I had later found out that this clasp wasn’t very secure at all. The FitBit on the other hand, has more of a button type clasp, which so far has been very successful for me- knock on wood.

Jawbone Clasp:Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-
FitBit Clasp:

Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-

Silent Alarm:

Both of these trackers feature what is called the “smart alarm”. This is an alarm that you can set for any time any day, which wakes you up with a vibration. Instead of alarming a sound, the tracker will have a steady vibration to wake you up at whatever time you set. This has to be my absolute favorite part of both trackers. You don’t realize how annoying that iPhone jingle is until you get the chance to be woken up in silence. Overall, I have to say that I liked the Jawbone’s alarm better than the FitBit’s alarm. The reason being, I have found that the FitBit’s vibration is a bit more aggressive than the Jawbone’s. The FitBit wakes you up with a continuous vibration at different paces while the Jawbone’s alarm was a lighter, consistent pace.

Sleep Tracker:

Both of these devices come with the awesome sleep-tracking feature. You simply log when you’re going to sleep and then log again when you wake up. The trackers will then monitor your sleep. The next morning, the tracker’s app shows you a whole synopsis of how you slept. This includes your light sleep, the time it took you to fall asleep, how long you were awake, and your sound sleep. Although I am still new to the FitBit I did like the Jawbone’s feature of this better. Instead of manually logging what time you woke up, the Jawbone would change itself into awake mode as soon as your alarm went off. The FitBit on the other hand, still thinks you are in sleep mode until you tell it otherwise- even when the alarm goes off.


I found both of the tracker’s pedometers to be pretty accurate. What I really enjoy about the FitBit is that if you double tap the face of the band a series of little lights will pop up. Each light resembles a certain number of steps. For example: my daily step goal is 10,000, so there are 5 lights on the band which each resemble 2,000 steps. I really like this because if you don’t necessarily want to take your phone out to check your progress, you can simply just double tap the bracelet. Another really interesting thing that I found the FitBit does, is that it vibrates and blinks when you achieve your daily step goal. This is something that the Jawbone lacked.

The App Itself:

The apps for each of these trackers are basically the same. Both apps feature calories burned, steps taken, sleep progress, etc. Although I did enjoy that when you first opened the Jawbone App, your progress was right in front of you at a pretty large font size, I do like how the FitBit app is set up a bit better. The Jawbone app was however, easier for me to learn how to use. I am still figuring out some of the tiny details that the FitBit app features.

Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-

Jawbone UP2 App vs Fitbit Flex App-




Overall, I really did enjoy both of these trackers. Both trackers ultimately achieved the goal that they were branded to achieve. The only reason why I would recommend the FitBit over the Jawbone is because of the type of clasps that the trackers have. Maybe for some people the appearance is better than the possibility of loosing the bracelet as a whole, but that is definitely not the case for me. If the Jawbone didn’t fall off of my wrist in the first place I probably wouldn’t have ever tried out the FitBit.



Do you have a fitness tracker? What brand do you have, and what are your pros and cons for that tracker? I would love to hear about anyone else’s experiences with these devices!

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  • Lauren Ruzinsky

    My dad just bought me the FitBit Flex and I love it so far. It’s fun setting goals for yourself, but I think the best part is having friends who own one too. I love competing with my dad to see who reaches their goal! I also love the sleep tracker. I’ve found that I’m a very restless sleeper, which is something I hope to figure out how to solve! Great post though, Kenz!

    • ahh, I love the sleep tracker too! I’ve been trying to get my friends/mom and dad to buy one too so I can compete with them as well! The whole idea of the product is so awesome 🙂

    • Kat

      Hi, read my comment above about the flex.

  • Nice review! I have to show this to my brother


  • Freckles Olives

    This is very interesting…I have the Garmin Vivofit (my whole family is in a competition for the year to see who can get the most steps so we all got them at Christmas) and I love it. Best of luck in your fitness endeavors!!

  • Kat

    Hey! Love this post, especially because I’m a dedicated fan of fitbit. There’s just one thing I wanted to mention. DON’T get it soaked! I got the flex last year and absolutely loved it. But then I wanted to upgrade to the charge which is pricier but totally worth it! Unfortunately, Fitbit added a warning to the charge not to get it wet, so I decided I’d use the flex when I went swimming. This had been fine in the past, I’d gone in the ocean and shower with it on before. But then I was swimming in a lake and when I went to sync it later that day, the led lights weren’t working and it wasn’t syncing. I was able to shake water out of it! Now it’s completely broken. While I still love Fitbit, I avoid getting my Fitbit charge damp at all costs.

    • ahh, I love the sleep tracker too! I’ve been trying to get my friends/mom and dad to buy one too so I can compete with them as well! The whole idea of the product is so awesome 🙂

  • Such a good review! I have a Fitbit but have wondered about it versus Jawbone.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  • I don’t have a fitness tracker. I didn’t know that they had so many functions! Maybe I’ll get one now. Can you swim with them on? I’ve heard of the Fitbit before, so that’s probably what I would have bought first, but I think it’s good that you sought out another brand to see for yourself, because sometimes popular brands are just… popular and trendy, but not necessarily the best. I’m glad that you were able to exchange the Jawbone for the Fitbit 🙂 Thanks for the review!
    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s
    **I just read Kat’s comment about swimming with the Fitbit. Not recommended. It’s a pity though, because I’m a competitive swimmer and get most of my fitness done in the pool!

  • Ahhh I’ve always wanted to get a fitness tracker, but I’ve never known which is a good one to buy. I’m definitely going to have to get a Fitbit now after your great advice. Thank you so much for sharing Kenz!

  • Thank you for the helpful review! 🙂 Greetings from Serbia.