July Favorites 2016

August … already?! I really, really, REALLY can’t believe that summer is almost over. I have mentioned in basically in all of my recent tweets, my insta posts, and (naturally) my last few blog posts. BUT I may as well say it one more time- I just can not believe how fast this summer flew by.


Monthly favorites posts are one of my favorite type of posts to write (see what I did there, eh?) I love creating these posts because I can reference back to them in the future and see what I was loving and doing throughout certain times of my life.


July was a busy month for me. I worked a lot, Rob and I took a fun trip to Fire Island, my friends Alex, Alessia and I took a road trip adventure to Ocean City, Maryland and I worked a ton… did I mention that already? July was also an awesome month for my blog. I finally broke 2,000 followers on Instagram AND I got to work with some amazing companies. One of which being, Bed Bath and Beyond.


All in all, July was great! I did a ton of things and achieved a lot of goals that I have been working towards blog wise. Anyways, I guess I should stop babbling now and actually get to the point of this post… my July faves…


I won’t lie, my earring game is pretty weak. I usually just go basic and stick with small pearls or diamond studs. I keep it pretty basic because I’m lame and never really cared for earrings. BUT I recently decided to spice up my earring game during this month of July by 1. Piercing my second hole by myself which by the way, was a horrible idea. 10/10 do not recommend doing this ever. And 2. Purchasing some new earrings. These earrings are from a cute lil’ boutique and I am actually kind of obsessed with them. I actually reached out to the owner of this company and was surprised how quickly and how sweet she was when getting back to me. I was blown away by how quickly she responded and  how down to earth she was. I also got a set of earrings from Francesca’s and love love love them, they are so simple but so unique at the same time.

july favorites 2016- sincerelykenz

july favorites 2016- sincerelykenz

2.  Instagram

I feel like this is always a favorite of mine but I seriously just love  Instagram so much. I actually just wrote a post about it, here. I love how Instagram is such a creative outlet and I love engaging with other bloggers on the app. Viewing other people’s photos and being able to see people’s lives through their camera lens is just so intriguing to me. Obviously couldn’t talk about Instagram without a lil’ self-promotion of course- so follow me on Instagram if you don’t already!

3. Rob <3

As always, Rob is on the top of my favorites list. I am so so lucky to be able to go out with my best friend and am so thankful for our adventures and the memories that we are able to create each and every day. We did so many fun things this month and really stepped up our class game. We usually have our date nights at Taco Bell but these past few months we have been exploring new restaurants and going on different types of adventures. I still do love a good taco, though.

4. Burts Bees Under Eye Cream

I’ll admit, I have the WORST under eye issues. No matter how much sleep I get, my under eye circles are always so gross. I recently discovered a new product, though, and it has been helping me a lot! I am a big fan of Burts Bees and have tried a ton of their products, which never fail to disappoint. I figured I just haaaaaaaaaaad to pick up their new under eye cream and put it to the test. This product was awesome enough that it fell under my July favorites list. I apply it before I go to sleep at night and it works wonders. It minimizes the puffiness of my under eye circles and even helps to tackle the dark color that they seem to be every morning. I totally recommend splurging on this product if you need some help in the under eye section!

july favorites 2016- sincerelykenz july favorites 2016- sincerelykenz

5. LifeSavers Mints

These aren’t necessarily a new favorite of mine, but I figured they were worthy of being on my favorites list. These mints are the bomb dot com and I could literally eat a bag a day if I wanted to. I’m not a huge fan of gum so these mints are my go to when my breath needs a lil’ pick me up (which is like 99% of the time). My favorite flavors are spear mint and peppermint, both never disappoint.

july favorites 2016- sincerelykenz

Welp, that about rounds up my favorites for this past month. I had a ton of fun whipping up this post and hope you enjoyed reading it! As always I hope you all have a fabulous hump day. Be sure to check back Friday for a new post! Did you do anything exciting during the month of July? What are your top picks/favorites?