June Goals

June is right around the corner! Pretty crazy because it feels like just yesterday I was up at school freezin’ my tush off during December!

I’m super excited for June though, I can finally get my summer work schedule, right now I’m on more of a “on call” type of schedule and I cant wait to have an official, set in stone, schedule so I can start making some much needed money! (I may or may not have done too much shopping this past month, oops!)

June is also awesome because I can begin my unlimited month of hot yoga! I attended a few hot yoga classes last winter and they were amaaaazing. I went back a couple days ago and it was even more amazing. I’m not really into sweating but I find hot yoga so relaxing and enjoyable. Because I’m a new member I get my first month unlimited for only $30! Hoopla for awesome newbie deals!


Besides those two things, here is a list of my real goals for the month of June:


goal for june goals 1

-Life’s a beautiful thing, and like I mentioned in my last post, taking pictures makes me sososo happy. It’s time to put my inner photographer skills to work! Get ready for your Instagram feeds to be spammed by super awesome pictures from yours truly 🙂 

goal for june goals 2

-I know numbers aren’t supposed to matter, but I mean c’mon people, numbers matter. I really want to work on producing more quality posts and gain a few more followers on Bloglovin’.

 goal for june goals 3

-I would not declare myself someone who loves running at all, I enjoy going for a quick run outside during the summer, but most of the time this form of exercise isn’t on the top of my list (saying that as if any form of exercise is ever on the top of my list… ha.) but what I would really love to do is train myself to become a better runner and get into a habit of running. I would love to be able to declare myself as someone who could just go for a 3 mile run for fun. In the event that this does ever happen, let’s hope I can make it out alive so that I can write a blog post about it.

goal for june goals 4

-Well this isn’t really much of a goal, but it’s something I really need to do considering the one I have now is broken. I guess I should be really adding this to my to do list and not my blog post…

goal for jun goals 5

-Sad to say that I can’t actually remember the last book I read that I wasn’t being told to read, like from a college professor or something. I love reading and it would make me so happy if I could just get myself to find a good book and get readin’.


What are your goals for the month of June? Hope you all have a great Memorial Day and a great June as well!

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