Latest Obsession: Prague


After going to a study abroad convention on campus last week I have become utterly obsessed with Prague. Prague is the Capital of the Czech Republic, and is completely underrated. This place is so beautiful and out of the five or so people I’ve talked to, it doesn’t get enough credit for what it is at all.

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After doing lots of research the best thing I’ve found about Prague is that it’s extremely cheap. Less than one dollar for a beer people- that is what I’m talkin’ about. Prague is also noted as the most exciting city in all of Europe.


Also- unless your blind, it’d be hard not to notice how beautiful Prague is. After looking through countless pictures, I’ve found that the brick lined streets and castle like buildings are what I like most.


Here’s a list of the top 5 places I’m currently obsessing over in Prague:


1.Prague Castle


-This place looks like a fairytale; it’s the home of the President of the Czech Republic and this grandpa of a building dates back to the ninth century!


2.Charles Bridge


-This is the main route that most pedestrians take when walking through Prague. You best believe if I visit this monument I’m going to take a typical Instagram picture of me walking gracefully across the bridge, maybe a candid or something.


3.Old Town Hall


-I don’t know what else to say about this one- it’s just beautiful.


4.The State Opera House


-Can’t say I’ve ever been in an opera house, so why not visit one in Prague, right?


5.Lennon Wall


– As a Beatle lover, this would be awesome to go see. Maybe if I’m feeling crazy I’ll bring a bottle of spray paint along with me to add to the wall.



Very happy to say that I have high hopes to one day explore Prague….


Crossing my fingers that with a lot of persuasion of the parentals and saving of funds I’ll be able to frolic around this beautiful place by my junior year in college! 🙂


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